[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)


(Stromberg) #41

The pack to others feature is really cool :slight_smile:

I might be stupid, but using 1.2 I can’t see the progress indicator anywhere :confused:

I also agree with having a step angle option, where I could input a angle myself.
A way to cancel the pack would be nice as well.

(glukoz) #42

Stromberg, the progress indicator should be visible at the top of the Blender window, near the renderer menu, see the image:

Are you sure it is not present there? I believe that you should still be able to cancel packing by pressing the ESC button.

(glukoz) #43

I am glad to announce the new RELEASE 1.21:

We fixed “Maximum recursion depth” issue. Also ‘Rotation Resolution’ was changed to ‘Rotation Step’.

(Stromberg) #44

Good stuff :slight_smile:
Here is a screenshot during packing, nothing up there for me.

(actimelvanille) #45

cool update guys! :slight_smile:


A stupid petition, could you make the option to resize result to use all UVs?

(AndreasResch) #47

Just bought it. Unfortunately I can’ t use it on one of my test model as I also get a “invalid topology” error. Unfortunately I can’t see what the problem of that mesh part is.

The mesh was converted from a STP model (so it has a lot of tricky polygons).
It was unwrapped via Smart Unwrap.

No clue what to do about it. Maybe an override of that error would be nice.


(glukoz) #48

AndreasResch, I’ve just added explanation of ‘Invalid Topology’ error on the product page on gumroad.

(TeaCrab) #49

These updates are amazing. There will be 2.8 support, right?

(RaphaelBarros) #50

Whenever I get this error it’s usually a island overlapping itself.


Would be great if the addon indicate the vertex with problems, instead the island.

(AndreasResch) #52

The problematic islands don’t seem to be self-overlapping. No idea what the problem is.

I’ve tried another addon called Shotpacker and it goes through the packing routine without stopping. It’s painfully slow however.

(tungee) #53

Not anymore, Shotpacker is c++ accelrated too now!

(jellbelle) #54

Hey what about overlaps support. I mean treat overlapping shells like one and don’t break them

(glukoz) #55

RELEASE 1.3 is ready

For a last few days we’ve been working really hard in order to refactor our packing algorithm. And you know what? Now it runs about 1000% faster. No, it wasn’t a mistake. It is about 10 times more efficient now. With ‘Rotation Step’ set to 90 it returns a result almost immediately, even for UV maps containing over 1000 islands. And the cool thing is that you don’t have to buy anything in order to check whether it is true. All those changes were incorporated to the basic version - simply download the basic version 1.3 for free and have fun with extremely fast packing :slight_smile:

Except new cool updates soon :slight_smile:
UVPackmaster team

P.S. Note that now the ‘Heuristic Search’ feature is more powerful than ever before - with setting search time to about 20 seconds the algorithm will be able to process enormous number of search iterations during that time.

(renderhjs) #56

That’s great news, its good to see the flow of updates coming this early. Will give it another spin today.

(Brent) #57

How? wow, 10 times faster even after when I thought it was already as fast as it could be.

(Stromberg) #58

I just tried it, blazing fast, really awesome :slight_smile:
About the progressbar, I see if I drag down my info panel, it shows it, however during the packing blenders ui freezes, so only when the packing is done does it print the progress.

Here is the pack I did and also the info panel with the green progress text.

(glukoz) #59

Stromberg, yes, the UI freezes during the packing, but progress bar still should be visible at the top of the Blender window. The issue might be caused by specific Blender settings, I will try to investigate this.

(fiendish55) #60

Why my paid version of uv packmaster has still locked funtions?