[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)

Hi @glukoz! Thanks for amazing updates!

I often use UV Editor in a separate window on second monitor, so it would be nice to have packing progress information somewhere in the same area.


In case you missed it: this is already possible with the newest version - enable the Fixed Scale option and set the Fixed Scale Strategy parameter to ‘Square’.

Just for your information: this error was solved in the recent releases.

Sounds like a good idea - I added it to the TODO list :slight_smile:


you are right, thanks)
Perhaps it would be better if you packed the addon along with the engine into one archive?
Downloading the latest versions always confused me as to which of all the files to download).
You can leave YOU MUST READ THIS FILE TO SETUP UVP !!! outside the archive to draw attention to the correct installation of the addon. Also, this file can be packed into an archive with full instructions. But maybe this is not necessary.

Can we have an additional statistic in the statistics window?
An area count that takes overlapping islands into account. That way if the same space is reused by the uvmap, it counts twice, or however many times it’s stacked, and the overall area can be above 1 because of this. It’d just be a nicer way to compare the true efficiency between layouts.

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It sounds like a good idea, so I probably add such option in the near future.

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Hi, awesome addon, I’m loving it.

I have a feature suggestion that would very useful, maybe there’s a way of doing this but I’m not seeing it.

The goal of the feature would be packing UVs for multiple objects, respecting their texel density, and mixing the UVs to find the minimum amount of UV tiles (or textures you could say) needed to texture the objects, without separating any object across multiple UV tiles.

Right now packing by groups with multiple UDIM tiles and “Grouping compactness” set to 1 gives a similar result, but if instead of the group compactness it would respect that the group is in the same UDIM tile, it could optimize more.

This would be very useful for optimizing the amount of materials for game environments for example, and I haven’t find that feature on any UV packer.

Thank you for such amazing addon. Best packing addon ever. I have a question - is it possible to implement packing by texture mask feature (e.g. packing into dark ao spots)?

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