uv paint like zbrush ( now .blend files)

a way to paint the uv map in blender like the zbrush mode.
see this


and this


Wow! Very cool! I want to paint like this! Would you give us a quick step-by-step on how?

good idea, also post it to blenderstorm.org when its up

Go for the real stuff.


this technique is simple and easily realizable
there need create different uv map
allowing micro corrections fast

i prepare a tutorial that i show to friends during a pause the bf in front of a good beer in amsterdam

I think Sundial was saying to post it on cg cookie? :smiley:
Actually, I think there’s another site that pays 150 bucks for tutorials,
but I can’t remember what it was called, unless that was cg cookie.

It’s very similar to Zbrush’s new painting features if you leave out the lack of advanced background removal and the fact you don’t have 100’s of images come with your installation.

On CGtalk Kernond had something about particle instance painting in Blender, someone should write a book called 101 neat and useful things you didn’t know you could do in Blender.

Cool post. :slight_smile:

and the fact you don’t have 100’s of images come with your installation

At a quick count I found 33 with mine. The Pixologic website has free (as in beer, if I get the saying right) texture and brush libraries now for people to download though.


I’d be interested in a bit more details about your method,


wow, I am VERY interested too.

is it the uv project modifier?.. how do you get it to overlay?

…no,wait! i see now… you’ve just looked through the camera with a background image…

I can clone with a textured plane joined and facing to the goal object,
with occluding turned off, but I don’t know how he can
move the painted object out of edit mode. I like how he just
stretches and moves the painted geometry to fit what he needs.
I’m still using an old version of projection paint though, so maybe
you don’t have to join objects anymore?

That would so much solve the problems I have with uv texturing. Lets all pray that someday it gets incorporated into blender.

I think that he is doing projection painting as shown inthis tut:

nb be sure to watch the whole thing because the actual painting is the second half

I saw that video on cgcookie. It looks like the technique that Gillian is using is a LOT easier then the one that is shown there. I am reading back over this thread as we speak to see just how the author is doing it.

How is the tutorial coming. Like how soon. Becasue I still do not understand how you could move and rotate the image and clone it over the uv map of the mesh. In other words we need step by step details.

[28.09.2009 07:07] Blender UV Painting like in Z-Brush

Quick steps. Maybe someone wanna recheck that and/or do a decent Tutorial :o

you need 2 windows

  1. 3D view
  2. UV/Image editor

–3D view
delete all (a/aa x)
num 1
add cube/tab
add plane/s scale bigger
num 3 / move plane in +y direction
num 1
add Camera
num 3
move cam in -y direction
num 1
select cube
tab / U /Unwrap (smart projection)

–UV/Image editor
open an image (image/new/select one)

–3D View
select Plane (rmb)
tab / U /Unwrap (smart projection)

–UV/Image editor
select same image as for the cube before

–3D View
select Camera (rmb)
strg/ctrl +num 0
F9/Camera Panel switch to Orthografic
select cube (rmb)
add modifier UVProject/write in the field OB: Camera (or however your cam name is)

select Plane (rmb)
add modifier UVProject/write in the field OB: Camera (or however your cam name is)

select cube (rmb) / alt+Z
switch to Texture Paint mode

add a new UV Texture Layer in mesh Panel

–UV/Image editor

–3D View
Paint panel: activate Clone/ +Clone Layer
opacity 1,0
size 66,5 hrhr

Paint over the cube/ move the cube and paint again over it (with G and lmb)

Tanks you very much!
Work very nice!
I hope this painting mode can be implemented with a simply button :wink:

could someone please explain this tutorial or make a better one?
i cant really understand it.
what is the plane for anyway?

it looks cool, but i dont really understand what it is you are doing. can you explain the purpose?
sorry i know very little about texturing.