UV Toolkit 2.0 for Blender 2.8 -3.0x

UV Toolkit is a set of tools for fast and high-quality creation of UVs for games and films in Blender.

UV Toolkit 2.0 main features

  • straighten UVs
  • alignment tools
  • selection tools
  • check crossing UDIM border
  • tools for create overlapping UVs
  • easy use of custom checker textures
  • customizable pie menus

Gumroad - https://gumroad.com/l/tslqD
BlenderMarket - https://blendermarket.com/products/uv-toolkit

Old version
Download - https://gumroad.com/alexbel#NbMya


Looks very helpful! Thanks for sharing this!

Looks great! Thank you

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I don’t know it’s possible or not, but “add multi tile” options would be very useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Multi tile options, what you mean?

Yes it’s possible, check this. “Show UDIM indices”

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I think it’s better to wait for official support udims.

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Another important assistant for the blender family.

Addon updated.


  • Setting up the pie menu hotkey in the addon setting,
  • Setting hotkeys on the add-on panel,
  • New tool “Mirror Seam”

Very nice addon and can this work simultaneously with textool addon?

Yes, it works. Please tell me if not.

Fantastic and thank for making this, i already download and will try it this week and if i keep it i will donate!

Thank you!

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Fantastic addon, would it be possible to use the transform arrows to also align UV islands? (ex. by holding down shift) I found that no other 2.8 addon does that nor Blender natively and I’m greatly missing this functionality since UV Align/Distribute addon is not available for 2.8.


good job. It’s a nice add-on.
I like “Unwrap Selected” and “Quick Drag Island”.

In particular, “Quick Drag Island” makes UV position adjustment a common operation.
I wanted to use this feature as a single add-on, so I created a small add-on.
I set a shortcut for mouse dragging and brought it closer to more general operations. Furthermore, the function to rotate by mouse drag was added.


gumroad - $0

Key map

  • -Move … Alt + left click
  • -Rotate … Alt + Ctrl + left click

The keymap is set to long press, so it can coexist with Alt + left click loop selection.


Developer “UV Align / Distribute” was going to update the addon to 2.8. I was not going to add this functionality.

Thank you. Nice improvement!

UV Toolkit 1.3 released!

Quad unwrap - now no need active uv sync.
Added new tools “Align UV island” and “Rip faces”.

New tools are made based on these scripts:

Keith (Wahooney) Boshoff “Quad Unwrap” http://wahooney.net
SpdB3d “Align UV Island” [Add-on]Align UV Island

Download: Gumroad


Very good addon blender uv tools are non existent, your addon along side textools (not yet officially supported for 2.8) are god send for the community! Keep up the good work.