Blender scene exporter to V-Ray Standalone (.vrscene)



that looks awesome! i think this plugin could be very helpful.
but: where can i get vray standalone? all i can find are max/maya plugins. is there a vray-standalone-trial?
i will definitly keep an eye on this!
best regards!

V-Ray Standalone is a part of V-Ray for Maya. There is a demo version, but I’m waiting for an answer from Chaos Group of how to run it in demo mode.
You could also take part in V-Ray for Maya beta program. Just write to [email protected] for more info about this program.


this is looking interesting! :smiley:
hope you’ll keep on developing it.

i tried the maya standalone demo, and it seems that vray and your script/blender are communicating successfully (which is quite encouraging…), but vray says (in the console): “could not obtain license” - obviously a problem with the demo-version…
anyway: i stay tuned!

As V-Ray developers email me, they “will be updating the demo version soon on the site, so people will be able to use this.”

I would like to ask that I have an original Vray for Truespace 7.5 engine it would be compatible with Blender with your script with some modification?

Does Vray for Truespace 7.5 contain separate vray.exe binary? If yes - it should work without modifications.

No vray.exe (and no similar), unfortunately . Anyway I installed the “vray_demo_08516_maya85_x86” on computer and I got this message when press RENDER:

I have same problem:(

You should add path to vray.exe into $PATH environment variable.

i have:( which name for path??? VRAY??

Adding V-Ray to PATH in Windows XP: https://github.com/bdancer/vb25/wiki/FAQ-(Errors)

Full documentation is in progress just wait a little :wink:

Blender, V-Ray, GIMP

can you post some of yours blends with your setting???

Hmmm. Now there is not Error message, but If I press RENDER it strat loading but there is no happening.
which blender version and vray was used? But maybe the demo version not good
…ohhh sorry I realised “couldnt optain”

Oh yeah! this is what i have been waiting for :slight_smile:

please Can you help me?

i run export vray script and it write me error: Could not obtain a license. What i do?

i used actual maya vray demoversion and blender 2.45 + actual vray export script

As I write here current demo is not working in demo mode ((

ehm…actualy its work for me…you must make liitle magic with your time:)

I think you can share your magic here :slight_smile: