Vegetation addon tree, plant, and animation!


I would like to present you my new addon soon available :


Vegetation is an addon for blender 2.80, 2.90 and more, compatible with Eevee and Cycles. it contains an big library of diverse and varied plants. trees, shrubs, tropical plants, tree hedges, ornamental plants … thanks to the addon to manage the library you can import and use plants with just one click.
the incredible 4 seasons function allows you to create scenes under snow or in summer, but also in autumn or spring. The assets offered are of high quality! created photorealistic images very quickly. they were created using different techniques: 3D scanning, photogrametry, classical modeling, use of HD and PBR textures for incredible renderings in seconds. You can also animate the branches and leaves. added moss to your trees … But above all this library is optimized for Blender.
We will still work hard to bring you new vegetation versions regularly. with new functionalities, new trees and assets.

Animated tree and leaf :

Available soon on blendermarket

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Vegetation is now available on Blender Market :


For me it makes sense to have lite and pro version. Either way you get quality models :blush:

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vegetation must adapt to all budgets. small and large. and to all needs. it is for this reason that we offer several packs. :slight_smile:

New amazingimage by Antoine Bagattini.
Created with Vegetation and other tool. crazy !

Woah, the addon look really great. The trees are really beautiful!

Can trees be used for a video game? I ask both by license and by optimization of the mesh, animation, etc.?

Hello Arien,
thank for your message :wink:
the trees are of very good quality. they are not optimized for video games. they are very heavy and the textures very large for better rendering quality.

Hi everyone
Vegetation v2 will be released soon!
new features, new assets …

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Hi Guys,
Vegetation V2 addon for Blender is here! Discover our new version with even more assets and features!
27 news assets! (more than 400 variations in total !!!)
Animate your trees and create ultra realistic renderings very quickly thanks to Vegetation, tree, plant and shrub Addon for Blender (ready for Cycles and Eevee)


Looks good!
I have version 1 already. Do I have to delete this one first before installing v2?

… and if I may leave a request: interior plants/flowers would be superb!

what model is used? you give no information.

no this is not normal. I will watch this.

yes delete the previews version of vegetation, close blender, open blender and install it.

This is the hickory (summer), vegetation v1

Thank you for the update and I can confirm that it’s a wonderful addon. I wish to see 3d modeled leaves in the future, the transparent ones are taking long for me to render. I also want to find out if there is an option to request for some trees which are not included in the addon and I do a top up🤗.


This add-on is looking great, I’m about to purchase it but I wanted to ask if there is a better quality picture of the assets overview. Everywhere I look the pictures are too small to see the trees with a little bit more detail.

And also I would like to know if you plan to add more assets in the future. I am working mainly with japanese settings and the bamboo trees are very welcome, but I miss some cherry tree models, or more bonsai like ones…

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thank you for your message :wink:
we will regularly offer updates. moreover in the next version there will be Japanese cherry trees.
I haven’t uploaded an HD image from the library yet, probably in the future. it is there especially to show the number of plants and the names of each one, the species.

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Crazy work BY Augusto Cezar with Blender and Cycles.
He uses Vegetation addon for trees and plants !

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