Vertex weights (edit) panel. Where are the weight edit values?

Hi. On B2.79 when you enter edit mode and select a vertex, the weight information assigned was shown in the N panel. I´ve searched, but I can´t seem to find it.
Where is it now?
Please help.

Did you check the item tab in the N panel?

Panel shows up at condition that selection of a vertex is done by a left click.
Indeed, panel is missing if I use box select or another select tool that is not left click to select vertices.

that was the first choice since I´ve been using this since 2.78 :smiley:

There has to be an active vertex for it to show up (which is dumb)

I did selected it *1. no box.

There has to be an active vertex group, too, and vertices have to be part of it (even with zero weight)

okay. That I didn´t try. Let me see if it shows…

Just click on the vertice.

sH00T. It is working now. Wasn´t working on yesterday’s 2.81 DD.

Great ! Ah you were using daily builds ? Could have been that

yes. I´m on 2.81