Viper - space game


Here is my project of space shooter:

Steering: Mouse and WASD.

““Why i can’t put an URL adress??””

you have to have a certan amount of post to post links.

Ok. i’ve checked and i should have at least 10 posts.

Ok done.
One more time i present to you my space shooter, it has no title for now.

Screen Shot:

Very nice!
My first crit, is in the menu, continue is spelled wrong. Then you have too many planets appearing in the same little space!
There’s no scores or objectives!
The controls are cool, but you lack a recticle, in a fierce battle, accurate shots can mean life or death!
Keep it up!

I still didn’t solve the problem of crosshair and accuracy.
How to make a working crosshair that will be good for this game, should i use a ray sensor for this?

I can make working cross hairs for you, what style do you want them?

EDIT: I went ahead and just made some generic cross hairs, a red X, and I have tested it, and it is vary accurate. You can edit them however you want.

BTW, I was messing with the towers health settings, and set the health property to 50, instead of 100. I tried to change it back, but couldn’t find it…

I really think you should make the towers either shoot slower, or make them have less health. ONE

QUESTION: Why is it in another language?

Most of the things is in Polish language because i’m from Poland and for me it was better. Maybe i will rename it if you want.
Yesterday i discover a problem because i wanted to use rockets. Collision of the rocket will take 50 of health property, if i will shoot once with simple laser witch take 5 health and one rocket( 50 health), health of enemy is -5. Sensor shows only if it is equal 0. How to prepare sensor that will react if Enemy Health is under 0?
Sorry for my mistakes in spelling words beacuse i’m not really good in english.

Well, you’ve got to decide if is English or Polish, for most of us, we use English, and if we read the script we can maybe improve or change the script. Well it’s up to you!

I’ve done some improvement and a crosshair just for test. It uses a ray sensor and a laser script which I found. But still it does not work well, it shows crosshair only when it hits objects. I want that it will also scale up and down when I am near target and far away. And still I didn’t found solution for hiting with other weapon with difrent damage, and going health under 0.
Now the space station is bigger and can be destroyed. There are also rockets available (mouse right button) but they do not make damage.
Here is the blend file:

I downloaded it and it looks great. Nice health bar :slight_smile:

And I really liked the textures and movements.

Thanks. I’ve seen that you made a space shooter yourself, so i want to ask if you can help me with enemy AI? I’ve model enemy space ship but i don’t have any AI for it, thats why it is not included in blend file.
I also have a question, how many framerate do you get?

Update of my game.
I am still working on it.

Dude, why don’t you use mediafire? It has no wait time, and there is no download limit.

Here you go!

Hi, I made a simple AI here:

You may need to expand it a lot to get good results, but with this the enemy will at least follow the player’s ship.

I found it difficult at first to get a good frame rate, but once I made my textures smaller and all of them based on a 2x2 layout it worked well.
So for example, 1024x1024 is too big for a texture.
657x123 is just a strange size that may confuse some video cards.
Good sizes for BGE are:
512x512 (I would use this one if I only expected to have a few textures this size.)

If you are carefull about laying out your textures and you use mirrored UV co-ordinates you can get a lot of detail in a 256X256 texture.

I present Update of my Game:

Added explosions, a little better HUD. Comment this.

Have you solved the problem with having the towers below 0 health and not dying?
If you haven’t here is my solution:

Instead of the property actuator being of equal type set it to interval.
Then put in the lowest health you want it to have (0 probably) and the highest (spawn health 100?)
Then click the button labeled INV in the corner (inverts the output, so it reads if (property) is NOT between 100 and 0 then die)
If you need more detail just ask.

Games looking awesome. Unfortunately I don’t have GLSL, so I can’t play it.

Yeah, the game looks fairly good. Keep up the work - you don’t usually see a space shooter like this from the BGE.

It’s looking better everytime.
When I play I don’t get the background image, with the nebulas and things showing up.
I just get a black background.
Everything else looks fine.

I don’t know if anyone else had that problem.

The enemy ships move very slowly, so it wasn’t too hard to kill them. They also fire their weapons all the time.

Maybe you could use this script:

import Mathutils

def target_angle(who,target):
    who_pos = who.worldPosition
    t_pos = target.worldPosition
    target_1_vec = who.getVectTo(t_pos)[2]
    vec1 = Mathutils.Vector(0.0,1.0,0.0)
    vec2 = Mathutils.Vector(target_1_vec[0], target_1_vec[1], target_1_vec[2]).normalize()
    ang_base = Mathutils.AngleBetweenVecs(vec1, vec2)

    return ang_base

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
angle_to_enemy =  target_angle(own,target)

To get the angle from the enemy to the player, so that the AI only shoots if, for example, the player (target) angle is less than 5 degrees.

Your explosions look amazing by the way.