Vista Isn't That Bad!!

Check out this site!

All that crap you heard about vista is just what it is - crap. I have had vista for almost a year now and there has never ever EVER been any compatibility issues or crashes or slow performance or anything! All this hate is spread about by the mac fanboys who make up about 10 percent of the computer users but 90 percent of the mouths. This might seem hateful, but it really fires me up to see all this Vista hate with no evidence. Please see the site. It may change your mind about what Vista really is.

I beg to differ. I think it’s the linux fanboys doing the bad work here. Anyway, for Blender Windows is unsurprisingly the largest platform. And I create the official releases on a Vista machine.


This would have been more convincing if the experiment was not done by Microsoft. It’s hard to make the experiment look objective if the company conducting the experiment also produced the operating system in question. If you look at the bottom of the page you’ll see the classic “Copyright 2008 Microsoft Corporation”.

Plus, it seems they only used the computer for a few minutes. Not really enough time to fully test the performance with games or specific applications that particular person may want to use.

It’s a brilliant marketing idea though.

Is that going to be in their next ad?

Windows Vista…
“C’mon, it’s not all THAT bad…”

i was thinking the same thing

It isn’t bad if you have all new hardware.

I feel a Flame War coming on…:RocknRoll:

In the Red corner… Vista :(, and in the Blue corner… Everybody else :D…

(Now just where did I pack my asbestos underwear…)

I have vista on a laptop, its not bad at all. My biggest grip with it is that its a resource hog of note and bloated with stuff i don’t want like search function, i usually remember where i have saved my documents, media edition been bolted on comeon ect.

Yeh Vista isnt as bad as all the crap thats said these days.

Haven’t had any issues with it. It works fine, nice and smooth, and looks better than XP.
My only issue with it is that it uses so much ram, but hey, get 4GB worth and it doesn’t matter to much.

puts up flame shield

I have Vista on my powerful desktop and XP on my dated laptop… guess which one performs better…
I had to tweak my desktop so much just to get the freakin thing to run any apps let alone 3d. Microsoft is under the impression that every computer needs a whole bunch of services that only apply to businesses…
Wait a minute… you mean my “Home” edition of Vista has stuff for businesses… isn’t that like … free stuff?
Yes! It’s like free cancer, kicks in the nuts, or other unpleasant free things that nobody wants… It eats away at the processor.
And about that… my RAM is allocated automatically so that it constantly peaks at 100%… but that’s so Vista can guess my apps right?
Sure! They think I want to use Office (which I don’t use) and don’t in any way monitor frequent usage and allocate to that… further more! They want to make it so applications START faster… wait… I am trying to use applications not constantly start applications… this sounds dumb… IT IS!!!

Well… what about the feature that stops you from getting viruses… isn’t that cool?
Yes! Unless you hit ok and install the software anyway… because IT DOESN"T CHECK FOR VIRUSES!!! It only tells you that software MAY have a virus… and it does it for every piece of software… even MICROSOFT STUFF!

Hmm… well… what about that cool Aero theme?
Yeah… it’s pretty cool… and by default it’s settings eat up 5% of your resources with apps and widgets you would normally never use!
Well… Microsoft is releasing updates for it right?
Yes! So much so that they are REPLACING IT… they even backed up allowing retailers to sell XP rather than Vista!

Okay… but what about Games for Windows aren’t they optimized for these systems?
Yes! Because Microsoft made it so that you require a rating from their User Experience Index. A score based on how good Mircrosoft thinks your system is… If you drivers are out of date, Microsoft loses a business deal, or they just haven’t heard of your brand… YOU’RE SCREWED! This also includes multi-core processors and other high-end equipment. The kicker! You can be told by Windows that your system won’t run a game that your system is more than capable of running… AND YOU WON"T BE ABLE TO PLAY IT (happened to me with Shadowrun).
It’s not that bad though…


My experience has been the following.

I used Vista in my workplace for three months, gave up and went back to Xp. At home, Vista came with computer, gave it one more try. Gave up after couple of weeks. Now I have Kubuntu at home and use Vista only virtually from desktop whenever I need to check how the websites I create work in Windows based system.

I didn’t have that much of performance issues, but at work, there were so many little things that didn’t work… especially in Adobe’s softwares. Was it MS’s or Adobe’s fault, I didn’t care… I put Xp back and all worked again.

By the way, if you have problems with your os, I highly recommend trying Linux if you haven’t yet. The experience in these last months has been very positive. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to your preferred os.

Yea, the reason the Mojave experiment worked was because there were no issues. All the computers they used were already set up, and no one had to set up any drivers, or gets any BSODS for drivers that weren’t working. That is the main problem with Vista. Also, my sister got Vista on her new laptop, and it is sluggish as hell. I wouldn’t use it unless I’m running a really fast computer.

Well it is quite obvious where I stand. :smiley: I dual boot linux and windows xp. To me I think the biggest thing is vista is a “forced” upgrade. Xp fits my needs and I don’t have any problems with it and have no need to get vista. But if i get a new computer it will have vista on it. I prefer linux because of the stability and because I have a say in how my computer is used. With windows you don’t even get the choice of which version you want to run. I think that is an issue with a lot of people. They are saying “Hey i’m set with xp” and windows is saying “no your not, here is vista.” I think they have the attitude that whatever they make is golden and that is what people will want, which is just not true anymore.

Hmh, why is it that MS word took 10 seconds to load up 5 years ago.
And it STILL takes 10 seconds to load up.
“Software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster” :stuck_out_tongue:

Anycase, my laptop comes with Vista, I run it on XP with the Windows Classic theme. might suck visually, but I never have problems with my comp especially because I ghost it at least once a month. In general, I think Vista is a huge blob of bloatware.

And whats worse is, anything that comes out nowadays, such as mobile phones running with mobile Windows requires you to have Vista on your computer.
I think my father almost broke his new mobile when he saw this.:stuck_out_tongue:

Microsoft is just a capitalist giant that knows it cant really go bankrupt so it just does whatever it wants,.

I have no problems with Windows. However, that site is a freaking Microsoft site. How on earth can you take that as ‘fact’?
Its like asking George W Bush if the Republicans are cool.

May sound a noob question, but what is Vista ?

Yeah and according to your logic, the “Mac vs. PC” ads would have been more convincing if they weren’t done by Apple…:rolleyes:

yeas , afcourse vista isnt bad annd any one calling it bad that is he is jelous off BILL GATES ,i mean like vista is just soo perfect when it comes for real graphics and programmings , i never found any room for error there

Vista performance is dependant on the hardware to some extent. On my laptop it is a nightmare… On a new computer, it probably is nice ;).

[email protected] Did you read my post? Vista is terrible, especially for graphics work! I am a Vista user and I’m saying that! With PROOF! If you can show me how the things I said are wrong with pointed facts then I’ll retract my statement… BUT YOU CAN’T! I know those problems because I FIXED THEM! I spent 2.5 hours of my life getting my overpriced OS to behave like XP so I could actually use it and it still has some of the problems I mention. How is that justifiable to anyone?

[email protected] No, it isn’t. I have a nearly perfect User Experience score and it’s still slower than my XP at work on boot time and I have constantly run into driver problems (specifically for web and my multimedia/gaming devices).