Please tell me they play well together. praying

I used blender on vista under virtual box and it played very well…I was using a 2 GHZ single core with 2 gigs ram…

blender on windows sucks all round.

On my vista, it should work fine. But I always thought it was best on windows?

blender renders faster on Linux. and, at least in my experience(nvidia gfx card), view port performance doubles. as well as the added advantage that its (almost) imposable to get a virus.

Everybody tells me that Linux is the way to go :slight_smile:

Blender runs great on Vista. Despite the dirt thrown at it by elements of this community, I’ve had no troubles running Blender on Vista. The only problem has been a driver issue. Thes things happen on all platforms.


don’t get me wrong I am a linux user through and through, however I am not against using windows. I am currently using blender on the same machine running kubuntu 8.04…runs like a dream…

I use Blender on a Windows Vista Home Premium. It works fine, and there are no errors or bugs that have happend to people on other platforms (so far). I don’t know why people hate Vista. It’s great, and it works fine, and it’s more secure than XP. I prefer Windows over Mac, probably because the first computer I ever used was a 400 MHz Windows 98, back in '98, and I got really used to the Windows interface and tools. My mom thinks that the Mac’s desktop interface is very confusing. Where’s the start menu on a Mac anyway? How do you run programs not on the desktop (it’s not like I have a Mac to expreiment with right now, LOL). I have never used a Linux, and I have never seen the Linux interface/desktop. I don’t use Ubuntu because if I installed it now, I have WAY too many files to backup if something went wrong (I’m glad someone told me there’s a risk!).

If your computer and vista play along fine, then you should have no problems with running blender.

may I ask how/why?

Hessiess is a fierce linux user. the end.

Vista premium and blender(including all sorts of builds) has worked just fine for me. Chances are you won’t have problems.

Blender should work fine with Vista.

But Linux is just better than Vista IMHO. I’ve ran both and exercised both. That’s my opinion. Even OSX is better than Windows IMHO. Until you run an OS for 6 months to a year and try to get real work done in it, you may not experience the same things that make me feel *nix is better. Running something a week or two is not enough experience to make a definite decision.

I’m a developer, though, so that plays into it as well…

Holy crap, I just realized that I spelled “Vista” wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

OSX is a proprietary modded Linux, Linux tries to imitate Microsoft UI, Windows is developed under Linux.
If you know how to compile source you can tweak blender to every OS.
In economic life you don´t always have the freedom to choose your tools, you have to adapt to your company.
It´s as easy as that. Having a guy in a company telling everyone linux is the way to go, while everything is done in a MS environment is as annoying as developing a kernel module and use Visual Studio.
Flexibility is the keyword. I am a opportunistic software/hardware user.
I use what got the best price/performance ratio or what is used in a companies workflow. As for my current company, they don´t use linux because they got no specialist and it simply has no advanteges, the new notebooks all got delivered with vista64 and they downgraded to xp64 because vista was slowing down the whole company. And thats the way it is. Fanboy attitudes are for students and hippies :wink:
Same goes for ATI vs nVidia, Intel vs. AMD…
I never heared anyone say, well, we loose about 20% time because the processor of X is not as strong as processor Y, but i like the company more so lets buy the slower one.
I am an AMD fanboy, i am using AMD since K6-2/166 but now… i got my fourth intel…
i286, i386, i486 and now a Q9550, simply because the Phenom stinks. TLB bug, 135W TDP, 65nm, poor performance… it would slow me down in working. I wish AMD all the best for their upcoming generation and maybe the next one will be an AMD again.

I stop here… i am a lame topic-hijacker. sorry. :wink:

No worries running Blender with Vista. I ran into a couple things when I first installed (screen going black, splash screen under menus, no dashed line when scaling/rotating, etc), but all of those went away when running Blender in “windows xp compatibility mode.”

How do you run Vista in XP compatibility mode?

Works fine for me.
Vista sp1 + 2.47 + 8800gt

Let it be clear for the rants about Linux and Windows.

Why all games run on Windows ? Why all professional game engines runs on Windows ? Why all professional animation programs run on Windows ?

Cause Windows it is stable and only need 1 -2 maximum library to program something where Linux is a junk without drivers.

Try to Make music on Linux like you do on Windows with Cubase or Pro Tools ?

Monolitic kernel is old and Linux is begin to sense his old problems.

Windows begin to be more and more stable and new tech is coming in it , where linux has no manufacturer on his side when it comes to tech.

X window is old and the overall mumbo-jumbo that linux is fast , try to see the processes on linux and you will see that linux eat 4 gb when Vista eat only 1 gb and let you use 3 gb…

OSX is a crap like linux.

Yes Blender works perfect on Vista and dosen`t hvee the bugs that pop all day on linux like err “segment fault” for nothing or any other “s*it”

OSX is a crap like linux.
Whoah there Numarul7!

I’m begging you guys to not turn this into another OS war, it really serves none of us well. Blender works fine on all platforms that I’ve ever used it on, and that’s all that needs to be said.

Lets not go down the flamewar route, please. Especially over an innocent question.