VSE Addon: eco


basically i made a script to reproduce this effect with blender:

im a fan of this piece of art. It was made in 1968 by norman mclaren, with an opticalprinter. Which is the same as saying that he did it by hand.

here is the addon:


Select a movie or meta strip, set number of echoes and offset (in frames), and press Eco button.
The opacity of all strips is updated to 1/number of echoes to mantain luminance. The blending is set to add for all clips except first one.
All clips are grouped inside a meta. Press home after running the script to see the meta.

here is a video made mainly with this script.


i want to add settings to choose blend options and opacity settings.

if you want to play with settings you can edit lines 145 and 146

        active_strip.blend_type = 'ALPHA_OVER'
        active_strip.blend_alpha = 1/eco

where eco is the number of echoes.

if trying to emulate mclaren, use this settings (only with low-low key images)
active_strip.blend_type = ‘ADD’
active_strip.blend_alpha = 1

hope you enjoy it,
and watch your memory limits :slight_smile:

OMG OMG OMG! Carlos you made an echo effect for VSE?! Now I can do frame blurred slo-mos, I wonder how I could vary the recursion and opactity for a speed ramp?

BTW I love that old clip, reminds me of these people that do printed animations in camera (in the environment), lots of hard work.

The new one is pretty cool too. Is that some augmented reality at the end? Is it live tracking in game engine?

Hola! Carlos!
Quisiera saber si existe tu addon para la versión 2.7. Lo he bajado pero la sintaxis ha cambiado en estas versiones! Me encantaría poder usar tu addon pero no se nada de Python!


Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this addon raised an error due to an API change, see /wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/API_Changes#Restricted_Context . I’m no Python programmer, but I modified the source code to work with 2.78. It could probably be more elegant, but Hey! it works!

sequencer_eco.zip (2.22 KB)

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Thanks for taking the time to fix it. Its quite useful as Blender doesn’t handle multi instances of footage natively

Good job. Thanks

When I try to activate this happens.

the download link in the blender page gives a page of buxfixing not any download at all.

Yeah. I’m sorry.

Here’s a zipped version. This one works.
sequencer_eco.zip (2.22 KB)

Can you add it as a file instead of embedded text??

Thanks! I wasn’t aware you could actually upload files to the forum. So, if everything went well, the zip file should be here:
sequencer_eco.zip (2.22 KB)