[VSE] Scripts for creating Slideshows / Adjusting image ratio / pans / zooms

Recently, I created a slideshow in the VSE of Blender. To speed up image-ratio correction, pans and zooms, I created a few scripts that I want to share with you. Since it is possible to add images via drag-and-drop to the timeline and to create with these scripts an effect on button-press it is pretty easy and fast to create a slideshow with blender. :slight_smile:

slideshow_scripts.zip (3.02 KB)

resets the duration of the image (to e.g. 4 secs), adds a transform-effect strip which scales the image to restore its correct ratio, and creates a metastrip of the image and its effect-strip

Adds an effect strip with a pan for the length of the image strip. I created various pans in different files to have all pans available at ones by button press.

Adds an effect strip with a zoom in or zoom out effect.

The scripts are pretty easy to use. Open the VSE, drag an image to one of the channel. Click on the image strip, open a script, press “Run Script” and that’s it.

Does anybode know why Blender is so slow in rendering images in the VSE? I used 18MP images but the output format of my video is “only” HD. Shouldn’t take 2secs to render one frame?! Does anybody has similar problems?

Nice! I will check it out. I also am working on improving VSE for slideshows. I use Blender in live events for slideshows. I have in the works some PowerPoint to Blender workflow improvements.

I will post some more here when it comes available so we only have on slideshow thread. I would like to see more slideshow development and comments. Thanks for posting! I am looking forward to checking out your work.

this scripts doesn’t work for me , maybe i don’t know how to use it?<br>please help?