Walk animation help

I am trying to create a simple feature so when you press w, your character moves and plays a walk animation.
Here is my setup:

It has not worked yet and I have messed around with a few settings. One thing that may be important is my character is made up of 3 parts: box, mesh and rig. The box holds all of the character data, everything else is parented to it. Would this cause a problem?

Logic Bricks are on rig?

The control (move, look) logic bricks are in the box. The bricks in the screenshot are in the rig.

On armature add
always -> and -> armature actuator (run armature)

hem, yes. You need to add a motion actuator (also triggered by “W” ) on the box which will make your box move. I recommend that your walking animation doesnt make your mesh move foward ; only moonwalk . So, only your box will be make your character move foward

upload the .blend if you dont manage to fix your problem ; i’ll do it

Not sure, but when you use the Action actuator, you dont need that Armature actuator

true this, in fact, run armature doesnt work where actions do. i recommend always playing a low priority placeholder. for me its one keyframe on the root bone.

mesh to armature, armature to box.

Also check the mesh modifiers tab, it needs an armature modifier and it should be on top of all other modifiers

Yeah, I did this it just doesn’t seem to play.

Check. Should I click apply?

no (yes a complete sentence)

just upload the .blend

game forum.blend (3.0 MB)
Here you go:

lol, if you use messages set it up correctly, so put walk into the subject then it works :wink:

okeeeeey … what an experimental mess i found in your file :robot: . You are taking the learning curve at full speed.

Dont hesitate to learn/experiment features of BGE in a new file and keep your main project clean.

  • I apply all the mesh modifiers (better do it to avoid waste of CPU ressources)
  • Apply the scales (good habit to have)
  • Remove the tons of unused animations i found everywhere … even in the Plane and the Rocks lol
  • Remade animations
  • Remade your game logics of your character
  • Remade your character because it was insanely rigged. Take time to do it next time, otherwise, you will never understand why your character acts funny.
  • Merge all ur rocks into 1 and deleted all the vertices of the rocks i found below level 0 (coz unseen in the game)
  • Python the motion actuator (to avoid to have an over-charged logic system) (have a look, easy to learn)
  • Simplified the Character : you dont need to parent your Character to a box ; your character is enough and can also manage collisions. (some people do parent to a box because the movement of your character will modify the shape of the collision box. + the character point center is near the ground so it create a problem with the ground . In your case, you mesh is already very rectangular, little moves, and i just put the center of your character upper : so the collision frame of your character envelop perfect your whole character : so dont need an extra box.)

What a suggest you :

  • Create side walking animation : strafe right and left and try to include it in the existing python controler
  • Maybe, all those rocks sharpy rocks … that’s lot of physics used !! … maybe create some invisible walls and turn off physics of the rocks

I helped you coz you remind me learning Blender just like you like 6-7 months ago … I wasted sooo much time setting thing :frowning: . Hope this will help you and save your time so you can go ahead

blenderaptor_rev.blend (3.7 MB)

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If you ignore this feature : you can append things from other .blend files into you opened .blend. So you easily get your rocks the way they were before : File --> Append

Once applied you can’t change it (yes it’s better to apply it when you’re done)

Yes you need to parent it to a box, better collision and less resources to be used by physics calculation. Also the character shakes a lot when walking against a wall and then it disappears.

If he don’t know python, bricks is the way to go, you can’t force him to use python.

if you convert it into python then why use dloc motion, use localLinearVelocity. it stops the teleportation and shaking when hitting a wall.

man, i spent like a couple of hours just to help him. Are you serious i?? The character doesnt shake at all and he can easily have a look on the little python controller to keep or not.

Better you give me an advice on my thread when i ask suggestion rather than make easy comments on my help

No i’m joking around, lol what you think? of course i’m serious.

Oh? dloc motion always shakes/teleports when you walk against something. using velocity or force instead solves that.

of course he can decide for himself, but he ran into trouble already with python in other thread, that’s why i said it.

Well someone needs to point you guys in the right direction, and saying things like you don’t need a box, while this is the best option…

I decide who i help or not. if you can’t handle some corrections that’s not my problem.

the only thing you are doing seriously right now is making superfluous comments. I made it done and he will certainly go further with my file that with your cheap bla bla. I explained to him why i didnt used the box solution. Feel free to make a fork and reward you with a cookie.