Wallace from Wallace & Gromit (Eevee render)

I was testing a clay shading tutorial and tried to create a more known character. I did render an extra Ambient Occlusion pass in Cycles for the smaller details of the AO. As AO in eevee is not perfect. Render took about 1 minute in eevee and 1 minute in cycles, but most of the time was for the subdivision. There are millions of polygons as I made everything irregular in shape. Textures are from all over the internet. To many to list.

Preview gallery image:

Latest render:

Top view:

Found many a few details wrong. Trying to fix it, I noticed the ambient occlusion map available in node editor. Powerful stuff. No need for the extra Cycles AO render. Many of the objects if not all have some kind of bevel modifier and I put it now so it works on angles on the walls as it showed some artifacts.


Ok, confess…from which Wallace and Grommit short did you steal this frame? :laughing:

Looks great! Absolutely great. :+1:


Nice, all looks good. You do a lot of imperfections in the meshes, right?
How did you made this nice border of the carpet?

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Important question: Is he wearing the right trousers??

Great work!


Carpet is three parts. The middle part is a subd mesh with some displacement for the shape. Sides are hair particles. Between the carpet and hair particles is a “screw” modifier rope I made. I just tried to replicate the reference carpet from the show, but I had to do a lot of guess work as I only used three images and they are a JPG mess.

Edit: Just saw that I didn’t align everything good. New render should be better.



Wow really cool render! Nice textures and modeling, reminds me a lot of my childhood :wink:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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You have only “forgotten the crackers” :face_with_monocle: :yum: It’s super credible, I can’t tell no difference from the original, except that it looks better! :star_struck:


for a second i thought it’s just a snap from clip… but bravo amazing work.


@rogper Thanks for the kind words. After making all these small objects for the scene and then look at original show, I can’t phantom how much work went into every frame. Doing this in 3D is “easy” compared to the stop motion. This took about 2 weeks to make with shader testing, rendering and to get the models right. Many mirror, sub, displace solidify modifiers going on the scene. The pencils are just a plane with modifiers.

@Nita Thank you.

@johhnry Thanks

Also to add. The shader was done based on this tutorial:

However to get the right look the node tree got much bigger.


It’s like a still from a movie. Beautiful work!

Even though the movie uses clay, the render looks identical to the actual movie. It looks great.

Also, where’s Gromit?


I was going to make him… actually. I should make him but I need some rest. Let’s say he’s cleaning up some mess downstairs for the moment.

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Perhaps he’s cleaning up the Cracker-vac. :smile: Great work!


Really nice work, I especially like the knitted sweater vest!

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Love this!

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belated edit: I guess I should add some substance to this post for future readers and those unamused. The point I was looking to convey was that having Wallace’s beady eyes stare directly into the camera gave a somewhat creepy effect. It’s a well-worn technique employed deliberately for unsettling the viewer (see: every “creepypasta” ever). I think BigBlend was aware of this as new renders were added where Wallace is looking off to the side, and the original image was relegated to the bottom of the post.


Man alive that is good!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


WOW! This is amazing work!! Love it!!! :cheese: :dog2: