War robot (realtime model)

A robot for the “Boom” (new worktitle: Iron Steam) project:


A bad walk cycle (I can not animate): http://www.etyekfilm.hu/robi_walk_03.avi

Dam your good at texturing!

pretty sweet, though he should definitely practice safe sex.

Omfg you are amaxing! Put this into a game. PLEASE!
Yearh, and make some tutorials. Pleaasse! :smiley:

Very Purdy!

Ah what a high level of culture… :frowning:

Looks very nicely done… but the design itself seems out of balance… Still very nice looking.

Excellent work!
Sounds like an interesting project. Do you have a link that shows the project details or is it a secret :wink:

are there any tutorials or programs for that level of texturing? im not very good and have lot of projects that urjently need some textres.

you really need to show us how to texture like that

As always endi, your texturing is impeccable. I agree with eradicator though, there is something a bit off balance.

Here’s the thread related to this project. http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=129726

What means “bit off balance”? :slight_smile:
This is a bit homorous and grotesque robot you must know. :slight_smile:

Hhha! Master endi is back with something to show!
Cool real time render.
say, is that all or there is more to come for our new friend (War robot)?

Wire and texture images…
Wire is not a good example of the nice modeling, but I have make it fast… this will be a low cost project…

And the textures:

All I can say is… Wow
Well, maybe thats not all I can say. Anyways, Thats pretty sweet man!
I cant wait to see it in-game. And yes, as above, could you make a tutorial for the texturing?

Absolutely amazing. I am amazed at all your work though. :wink:
Texture tutorial? :smiley:

There’s just no way beating Endi in game object quality, @ndy should be running for his fame as Blender’s greatest artist.

I agree ^^.

Its leaning forward a fraction too much, by about 4 degrees.