Water Color Attempt: Need Help

For a couple weeks now ive been attempting to figure out a way to get a cool painted style of render. Ive had pretty limited success and I was hoping to get some help.

Ive had a bit of success modifying a particle technique I found in this short video here.

I rendered an image then took that image and followed the video but mixed a transparent shader with the emission shader and made the particles of sufficient size and number to overlap a bit. Then I took the resulting render and did it again with slightly smaller particles so that it wasn’t quite so obviously made up of circle dots.
This is what I got from that


Really what id like to be able to do though is the techniques found here and here


However im really struggling to get that set up. Especially since I want to be able to render in cycles and im having a lot of trouble figuring out the difference between motion blur in cycles and normal blender. Im really only familiar with cycles and im not very familiar with animation at all.

If anyone is able to
A. Suggest ways I could improve on the particle technique
B. Provide a little test scene blender file set up in cycles for the painting in polygons technique
C. Suggest another technique or resource that I can try to produce colorful soft paining style renders

I would REALLY appreciate any info or help you can provide!

My ultimate goal for this is to use blender to create art for childrens books or perhaps just some pretty renders.

Am I improving? Halp anyone?