Weird Dream

I had a dream that someone made this very complex and realistic city in blender and I was floating around in it and hearing blenderartist critiques. I thought a lot of the critiques were a little unreasonable considering how good the city looked. There were critiques about the shape of the fish in the pond, and the number of roaches crawling around on the streets.

I’ve hit some serious laziness lately with making a couple of city blocks for a game I’m working on. Do you think this dream was a sign to stop procrastinating?

it could mean that if you dont like what your doing it wont turn out well and might have a negetive effect on those around you.

i had a dream where i drifted to a misty island in the middle of the ocean once and it was filled with talking, googly-eyed trash cans…

but that doesn’t really help you’re cause much…

One dream I had was, well, one part my mother was riding her bike and I was on top on her, literally, we were going down the street and then mother and I crashed headfirst into someone’s flower boxes. My mother was in pain and on the ground and crawled for help at that house’s front door, I saw the women’s beagle and she understood. She then suddenly was out in her golf cart and driving it up the street to a sidewalk where a phone was.

I apparently mastered feeling pain in my dreams now, because I felt a bit of pain in that dream and didn’t wake up.

Weird dreams happen, and they can come in any subject, I had some pretty sensational dreams about Obama and a dream where gasp Hillary Clinton gave me a hug.:eek:

u gots hugged by a hillary clinton, OMFG.

i love dream topics, they’re so interesting, yet so random!

I had a dream one of my friends was doing drugs…

He had this bag of green powder and he was sniffin it, off of the desks at school, while our science teacher demonstrated stuff

Lucid dreamer :evilgrin:

I’ve hit some serious laziness lately with making a couple of city blocks for a game I’m working on. Do you think this dream was a sign to stop procrastinating?

Actually, your realizing you’ve been lazy is the sign.

Don’t you just love those dreams where you can fly?

To answer that you have to tell us more about your mother…
Do you think she is attractive? :spin:

Many dreams I have are physically correct meaning no flying and the laws of physics must be obeyed. There is occasional flying though and going through objects. Last night my dream involved kind of swimming through air like I’m in invisible water.

Many dreams I have take place in my neighborhood or city, though usually the dream versions have some big differences.

Of course some dragons can fly in real life.:wink:

What about recurring dreams? Gah, those things get quite creepy for me.

From the time I was about 4 until I was 10, I had this dream every 2 to 3 weeks. My family would be attending a pot-luck dinner and my mom would forget half of her dish and send me home to get it. On my way home, a giant active volcano would pop up in front of me and I’d walk right into it. But I always woke up before finding out what happened after I walked into the volcano. That got very creepy after about a year of that dream.

As far as Blender-related dreams, when I’m in the middle of a project of some size, I always seem to dream that I am inside of Blender, walking around in the 3d View of my project, all in wireframe and even the preview, background image and properties panels pop up around me. Then towards the end of the dream, I render the scene and I get stuck in the render. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only most of the time the dreams have me in my current human form, I don’t have too many where I actually start getting into my Dragon form.:rolleyes:

It sounds like you’re worried about the level of detail and the crits you may suffer. I could be that you feel you need more detail. Unless this dream returns frenquently I wouldn’t worrie about it being about anything other than your project.

Is it like “Dragon by day human by night” or something? Lol.:eyebrowlift:

after seeing slumdog millionaire, i had a dream that i lived in the slums of india

Yeah same here, although sometimes I’ve noticed some enhanced abilities though, someone, nothing incredible…for instance, I’ve noticed that sometimes I can run faster than people that in reality can run faster than me (happened last night, very vivid dream unlike many) but not by an unrealistic amount, just enough, and I even began trying to think of logical reasons for it in my dream (dodging around corners…better agility than them? etc.)

Same here, I used to have this one where I like shrank down smaller than everything else, really creeped me out, wierd thing was, it was the same dream, yet almost always occured in a different place…

OMG i love those! exept, i can never really fly… i just sort of flap my arms hard enough and i can kinda swim through air… but they’re still awesome!

I used to have this weird recurring dream every October 30th that had nothing to do with halloween. Usually it lasted about a week (in-dream) and what happened was that I was in my back yard and all of a sudden all the water from the world’s oceans floated up and replaced the sky. So it was like this spherical wall of water around the earth, then the sun set really quickly and was replaced by a a different planet each ‘day’ (e.g mars, jupiter) and all these people were outside watching it all happening like it was some fireworks show or something then eventually I woke up.

More stuff probably happened but I’m probably forgetting, haven’t had that dream for over a decade.
I only had it about 5 or 6 times then it stopped :frowning:

then theres this other one I had last night where I was some cool secret agent or assassin or something from the future and i had the ability to run up along the top of walls and ceilings and jump from building to building. so me and my secret agent co-operaive were infiltrating the bad guy’s base of operations and there were all these laser traps and everything and i just laughed at the fact that he didnt know of our wall running skills, so I made it thorugh ok but my buddy died and there were these construcion people who set off an alarm, causeing me to run like [email protected]# because of the machine gun emplacements. So I was pinned down by gunfire and eventually got captured. Then it turned out that the bad guy’s lair was actually a coffee factory and I was tied up to a lever thingy (i dunno what its called but its the thing arnie uses to kill himself at the end of terminator 2) that was placed above a giant cup of boiling coffee and the bad guy was just laughing and laughing as i was slowly being lowered into the deadly substance and I yelled and woke up.

I have had other dreams that are just plain boring like waiting for traffic lights or sitting a damn test.

Then there are all of those random dreams of being in/watching stuff that hasnt even come out yet.(Transformers 2, anyone?)

>I have had other dreams that are just plain boring like waiting for traffic lights

:smiley: this is hilarious…I luv this community for the stuff people share here :wink: