Welcome to sketchbooks!

This forum section is intended as a place to keep your personal Blender sketchbook. Doing this gives you a single place to keep all your doodles in Blender that don’t warrant their own thread.

To help keep things orderly I recommend naming through thread as follow:
first/last name (or username) - Sketchbook.

So mine would be:
Jonathan Williamson - Sketchbook


Thanks, Jonathan, really cool idea :smiley:

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A neat Idea :slight_smile:

thanks jonathan!

My thread doesn’t have one of those nifty thumbnails. How do I set them? Do I need to attach them or something?

Good man. Thanks

The thumbnail is automatically taken from the first image you attach in the first post of the thread. Try attaching an image before what I assume is an animated gif. You may have to upload an image, not just link to it

Okay that works, thanks Richard.

I suggest you to have a thumbnail in the first post and keep updating it. Make your own thumbnails.
Thank you Jonathan, once more. Wonderful addition to the BA forum.

Awesome idea! I for one always start dyntpoo sculpts only to move on so maybe my own sketchbook will help motivate me! :wink: Also I was thinking that a resources category would be really nice, or even a kind of material repository like the OSL one. I would love to share some of my favorite shaders and would like to try other people’s. Just a thought…

Ooh, this sounds interesting! I’ll definitely keep this in mind :yes:

Well, I have a suggestion.
Avoid posting WIPs or tests or tutorials like. We have other topics dedicated on these.
We can keep it as a sketchbook.
Post anything you find interesting finished or not, though it is a sketch. Consider it as a personal gallery.
I mean, this forum isn’t like zbrush central. It’s a little more complicated.

Cool I am interested.

Nice!! :smiley: Thanks for this! :smiley:

Awesome, cool idea!

I’ve just started out with Blender, and it’ll be great to have everything in one place! Many thanks!

Yes! This is a really good idea, now hopefully the finished projects won’t have to be quite as cluttered.

I really like this idea, I’m new to the community but I’ll be sure to look into making one of these.

This is Great! One question though, if you have a thread already started,
how do you move it (or get it moved) to this forum?

Would it be acceptable for me to open a sketchbook thread? I’m fairly new to blender (Only about 2 months of working with it), and I’m really not anywhere near to the skill level of the artists I’m seeing in that section. Would having some very “beginner” works detract from the forums, or is it OK?