What are your favorite add-ons?

It seems that every day I learn about a new addon so I was thinking what addons is everyone using, I mean which ones are a must-have for you (free or paid, doesn’t matter)? I wish there was a central site where all of them are listed…

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Well, there are several sides about addons, e.g.:

And the addon section at Blender Market will give a good overview as well.

About my must have list.
Shipped with Blender:
Nodewrangler, Looptools, ExtraObjects.
When I’ll start to learn rigging/posing in Blender, Rigify might become useful as well.

Other must have addons:
GoB and DAZ Importer

I also bought some addons lately, all of them are nice to have, none of them are essential:
Hops, Fluent, Transportation, Simply Cloth.

But of course this depends on what one is doing with Blender
and what other software and tools he use.

Seems like GoB is for Blender-ZBrush work. So you’re using both Blender and ZBrush? Transportation add-on looks cool.

I bought ZBrush originally as a supplementation for Cinema4d.
I didn’t like their texturing tool, called Bodypaint and the
sculpting abilities of C4d were /are very basic.

As I got ZBrush anyway, I still use it together with Blender
and GoB works great for my basic needs.

As for Transportation, yeah, it’s nice to have.
A good range of Vehicles with some parts that are not found that often,
like bikes and bicycle.
You also get a library with preview and quick access to a lot of HDRIs.
(useful even if you don’t want to use the vehicles)

On the other hand, though the exterior of the Vehicles looks good, the interiors are quite basic.
E.g. for close up renders and/or for animating of car doors you need to do additional work.
But you get a good base to start with and detail renders of car parts isn’t the purpose of
this addon as it would slow down the animations.

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I found an attempt to list all Blender addons but it looks abandoned:

I guess this topic is more of a jungle than I thought :star_struck:

Mahcin3 tools is amazing

Auto rig pro is a god send

Blend it! Is great

drop it is small but useful

Havent used Fluent yet but it looks great so i bought it

Auto car rig pro is nice

Lightning boy shader is good for outlines

Oh and smart fill is good too

Do hops and fluent work together?

List is not that active as it was, but website is.
btw my favourite addons are addons that a) add functionality that blender doesn’t offer, and/or b) addons I really frequently use.

(Mind, I experiment also with organic modeling).

@Psaebrail Hops and Fluent work together mainly, but there might be a few functions overlapping/reduntant or clinching a bit. But Never got really a problem with it, works fine to me.


There are a lot of cool add-ons out there. Which ones do you like / use, and why?
Most of the ones I really like are geared toward economy of polygons on some level. Or anything that saves time and effort. I recently tried PRO metals, which is a fairly new material system for metal, featuring several accurate base metal types and having options for aging, scratches, dust, edge wear, and some other stuff. So I will submit that as my current favorite. I don’t really have >A< favorite, so I’ll just say it’s among my current favorites.

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The ones I use the most- focused on an NPR animation workflow:
AnimationExtras - adds a really nice onion skinner and it’s only a dollar
Outline Helper- adds an inverted hull outline to an object with one click. Those saved clicks really add up over time.
F2 and LoopTools - no explanation necessary
Simple Tabs- makes the N panel less of a mess
PowerSave - incredible versioning functionality for Blender
RBF drivers- makes corrective shape keys SO much easier
MultiKey (made by me)- makes working with shape keys across objects much easier


I never heard of RBF drivers, but that sounds really handy.

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I highly recommend checking it out if you do any kind of rigging. It’s more on the pricey side so it may or may not be worth it based on your use case


Time is money, so if it saves time, it pays for itself in a sense.


Absolutely rbf drivers, I always thought I will never tackle drivers and stuff until this add-on comes along…and suddenly now I can do it, doing it all the time and now wondering…wow, why was it so badly designed in the first place.


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My favorite add on and the one I use the most is Photographer. It is just a game changer for setting up lighting, cameras, render settings, hdris. I really recommend it!

I also love UV Pack Master for packing UVs effectively. Together with Textools, it completes the otherwise lacking blender UV toolset.

I also like a lot Auto Reload. It reloads textures as they change. If you use an external texturing tool like Designer or Painter, it’s extremely useful.

I use many more addons, but these ones are the ones I really like.


Being predominantly active as a character modeler / sculptor, here are the external add-ons I always add right after a fresh Blender install:

In case I’m working with the Octane Blender build, I always install Node Wrangler Octane.


Oh Yes yes yes !
Retopolizing Manually now, EDGEFLOW IS A MUST !!!
I will DIE and Quit Blender if EdgeFlow is no longer supported.
Support the Edge Flow Developer !!!


My favorite add-ons are B music player, Pomodoro Timer and To-Do Tasks Manager Pro.

Yes Quad Remesher is a must have !

If can just bolean stuff and remesh automagically.
Does an almost perfect job.

Hope there would be something as good one day in Blender. Cause at least for a hobbyist like me, I don’t really have time/patience to do manual retopo and don’t care if topology is not 100 % perfect.

Here is a very good comparison of Auto vs Manual retopo. By Arrimus 3D.