What are your favorite add-ons?

actually also rbf-driver, but depends on whether it is developed further.
My favorite is Clean Panels,
because it avoids the N-panel chaos.


RBF Drivers says it only works with 2.8 or 9, I forget which, but it works perfectly with 3.1.2. It definitely could use some indication that it’s still alive though

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FRom the Pupa doc: “This Plugin makes creating animation an easy and straight forward process. Taking inspiration from the well-known mixamo pipeline, we bring this into Blender and so much more.”

" Oh that’s even worse for the add-on developer… EA is nasty with their DMCA notices :thinking: I’m getting off-topic so I’ll restrain myself here to saying I’m surprised that add-on has lasted this long"

Something like this would be devastating if exposed, I sincerely hope this is not true, and it would put into danger the people who uses that add-on for their animation.

edit: too many subjects in one post, modified to address only one issue.

There are already two no three!,
who would be happy about a further development!
Maybe call a Save the Rbf-driver campaign, it would be such a shame if it was discontinued!


Added this to my external add-on list:


Is there an add-on that REMOVES brush icons from the T-Panel in the sculpt mode ?
There are some shenanigans/redundant brushes that is cluttering up the toolset.

Good question. Maybe someone here knows?

did not want to bomb this thread now
but very briefly
this would be a mini-alternative to the RBF-driver



You mean weightDriver?
(edit: wrong assumption)

WeightDriver is for Maya, RapidSDK is for Blender AFAIK

Yep, I was wrong, thanks!

You can check this addon

Hi, since you ask: the script/add-on made by Marcin Zielinski for Z-Anatomy has been made according to my needs, as an anatomist, and I use it all the time.

It ought to be converted into a series of smaller add-ons:

-to create labels
-to synchronize the parent-child visibility
-to translate all the objects
-to create a key-color system
-to use cross-section planes
-to keep the lights on
-to match the content of the text editor to the active object
-to switch themes


Magic UV !

happy blending !

This confuses me and I am about to show how stupid I am so get ready…
Doesn’t Blender now already uses Flip Fluids internally ?
Oh wait…so Blender is now using Manta~flow ?
Sorry all these “cool jargons” is making my plasma induction coil flips its polarity resulting in the creation an inverse tri-cyclic hyper oscillating artificial singularity.


I often use LoopTools, Images as plane, ANTLandscape and IvyGen but only to make branches as with Grow Leaves checked it slows down and crashes Blender.

Ever tried retopoing an ear? Even with all the correct visibility settings? You might need the ‘Draw Xray’ add-on.

I needed to make a whole bunch of books, and thankfully I ran across the “Bookify” add-on, which is a book generator. Really happy with that.

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