what inspired people to use blender?

i was just thinking…

what art inspired everyone here to start blender, or any other 3d app, it would be intresting to see where some of us blenderheads “originated from”

here is my inspiration that led me to find and start blender…

Star wars episode 3 with the space ship battle. I didn’t know about cg until then and i googled and googled all the day long and found blender the free software.

i have a story that i wrote ages ago that i want to convert into a film


So where I do I come across this masterpiece ?

The fact that Blender is free and it has a great, integrated game engine motivated me to jump in and learn it. Now that I’ve moved on to another game engine, the fact that Blender is available on a number of platforms and it’s awesome feature set has kept me with it.

originally I wanted to make a video game. I picked up a book at my local library that used GameSpace Light, but I wanted something without the poly count restrictions and without the watermarking in renders. Eventually I found blender, and have been using it since then.

My 3d-max copy didn’t have features that Blender had - so I switched. But this ages ago & I haven’t looked back since.

playing some games and dreaming of creating some , and then google free 3d engine (3d engine term was heared before at that time )

I wanted to make free games, so I searched and found blender.

I know I’m going to be killed for this.

I bought it off of Ebay.

So where I do I come across this masterpiece ?

curantly nowere, its called wazard land the biginning, though has little to do with wazards now. it was the origanal name and it stuck.
i havent completly finished it yet, and its full of speling errors. im a grafical thinker, hence converting it into a anamated film.

dont expect to see it finished any time soon, the main charactor is about 80% complete and the enviroment for the first scene is almost complete. but i’m lacking most of the props.

i realy hope u dint pay anything over 45 dollars

found it in…
no lie
in the public library

I got introduced to 3D using CADAM and CATIA on some very expensive workstations. Then the company got moved out of the country (go figure). So I discovered pov-ray, a renderer that would run on a PC and soon found out that hand coding was a real pain (great renders though). In my search for a modeler for pov-ray I stumbled across blender and got hooked.

I started out with anim8or. 'Twas a good, simple program and I was quite good at it. …But then…I had a desire for more power…http://www.worth1000.com/entries/278000/278181aFhE_w.jpg
and my heart was set on…BLENDER…

the only reason i even got interested in 3d at all is because of a game that i still to this day consider to be godly and that game is morrowind i was inspired to mod for it so i searched and searched and then i found heaven

Way back in the 80s I wanted a Mac but didn’t have the money to buy one because the list price was around 4000 dollars. So I bought an Atari ST which had the same peformance and a GUI but was cheaper. I obtained a copy of a modeling/CAD program called CAD-3D (I think) and modeled a bit. Unfortunately the program was very slow, crashed often, and it took hours to render even the simplest of scenes. As I really couldn’t do much with the ST, I bought a PC in 1988. Windows was just a GUI then and the only two programs which ran on it were Micrografx Designer and Excel. So I didn’t model any more for a while…

A few years ago I installed Linux as a desktop OS and discovered Blender. I didn’t even bother to try it at first because I thought that a program with such a boring, meaningless, and insipid name could only be horrible. But about 2 years ago, I started doodling with it one day and got hooked… It was the program I had always wanted.

Hahaha. I’ve seen people trying to sell blender on Ebay for $100:no:.
I heard about blender from a 2005 EGM magazine issue with a section about game development, and in there it had 4 sections, Modeling, Texturing, Engine, and Blender had it’s own section, All-In-One wonderland. I tried to download it off of dial-up, it didn’t work. but i got it to work in Late 2005.

It was the movies StarWars - I forget which one - the one where the 3d animation is shown of the reactor inside the death-star (yup, those horrible wire-frames) & Lawnmower Man that got me seriously interested in 3d. I managed to get 3ds4 for dos (uugh shudders - NO undo!) and had a bash for a while back in the early 90s then someone threw Max & Maya at me a couple of years back and I got back onto the horse. Then I started using Linux so needed an alternative. Wow!

Just JohnV1960 says, It was the program I had always wanted. Fast, small, fresh & constantly evolving, plenty powerful and that other er, small thing - its FREE! :ba:
My head still spins at the rate new goddies are to be found at graphicall.org.

I think I want to marry the UI.
/me walks off in a daydream