what is your favourite meal ?

Hi , everyone puts the picture f his favurite meal

here is mine , it is called mansaf !


and i like the russian salad too
srry if the thread is silly , lol …

Here are some of my favorites:

“Tom Kha Gai” - Thai Coconut Soup

Red Chicken Curry:
I pretty much eat all types of Asian food, but Thai is my favorite–good thing we have so many Thai restaurants where I live.

Can’t beat these–artichokes:

Chicken or Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo

As I said, these are just a few things I enjoy to eat! Next to blender, food is on the top of my list!

3DGURU: That mansaf looks like it tastes good… the head of that animal (sheep?):eek: caught me off guard though! You don’t see that sort of stuff on food where I live. Very cool!

Good 'ol hamburgers! But I only like them a certain way, and I’m surprised I have never been kicked out of a restaurant due to pickyness :p.

Hooray Ziti!


I think it’s kebab with rice in the a restaurant in my home town. Or a chinese soup (sweet corn soup, probably) in the restaurant of my home town.


Dude… you should put a “Hunger danger” in the topic =D. Because these will be making people hungry for sure!

That would be andouillette (from veal) (AAAAA) with mustard sauce hmmm, that has been way too long ago. Oh and whith a small simple salad with a nice, simple (acid) vinaigrette and a copious portion of home made Belgian fries (jup not French fries cuzz it’s the Belgians who invented them and we are almost the only people who understand the art of making them. Cutting a potato in 4 and throwing it once in oil simply doesn’t qualify!!!)


Oh and yea andouillette are offal

Am I the only one who noticed 3DGuru’s first favourite meal is the entire head of some animal, including its teeth? Just thought I’d throw that out there. Interesting tastes you have there buddy :smiley:

And I like simple stuff like Steak and Chips, or Bacon and Eggs, and most pasta and spaghetti type meals. Tuna or Chicken salad sandwiches also rock. And let’s not forget the all time classic, Pizza! Especially Quattro Stagioni. Greek style pizza is the best imo.

I caught it… but what I really want to know is what you do with the head? Eat it? Here’s a link to wikipedia about it: Mansaf. Maybe it’s just me, but I find learning about the different cultures in this world to be very interesting!

I think I’m gonna go eat something right now… :wink:


You just can’t beat nachos :slight_smile:

any type of curry;)


lmaoooo mars hahaha

it’s not a meal but i’m addicted to these things:

Fajitas… mmmmmm…

and Tostadas drools

My favorite meal is Baked Ziti. Best ever was at Olive Garden.

And of course, PIZZA!!! Best ever was from Woodman’s Corner Market (near where I live).


Can’t beat those Dolmoths either.

Is it me or do all (grossly generalized I know) Americans post “junk-food” as there favourite food? There exists something a a kitchen in your house, it’s a great place to cook, might wanna investigate someday…

Fajitas aren’t junk food… I dont think… are they?

Please dont make generalizations about about any group of people… it just makes you seem so arrogant. (not trying to offend you here, i’m just letting you know how statements like that make you look)

It just makes me “sad” too see that some people have lost culinary pleasure. I don’t say a greasy burger or roasted chicken fillet can’t taste well. I do say that, well does/did your mom ever cook for you when you came back from holiday or had something to celebrate? Or she would prepare something the day before to let all the flavors mingle and such, that’s the cooking I’m talking about.

Ever tried chicken gizzard (gésiers confits) in salads for example instead of just plain/dull fillet?

(hmm look what superkoop just posted…)

Super potato oles from Taco Johns. :smiley:



More awesomeness.


I <3 this thread.

Well, my family is very cultured and my mom cooks all the time, so not all Americans are the same in that respect. I love her food, its so much better than what you get in fast food restaurants. She makes all kinds of stuff from italian dishes to mexican food and even some Greek foods (like Gyros, that’s delicious!). I’ve never tried chicken gizzard on a salad but it sounds really good, perhaps i’ll try to find some someday.

Gyros is great indeed, or that is at least what we know here as gyros. I just put gyros in wikipedia too see if the english gyros was what I know as gyros (so no it isn’t). Well, I suggest you go to wikipedia put in gyros and read the first line. (Gyros or gyro (Greek: γύρος, “turning”) (IPA: [ˈjɪːɹəʊ]) is a Greek fast food) :rolleyes:

The usual scenario for gyros/pita here is:
location: Overpoortstraat (a street in the student quarter where all discos, cafés and such are) not earlier then 10pm
first casual greetings followed by
-“Wamaggetzijnvooru” (yea well the guys are mostly from north-africa and hold on to there accent a bit so it would translate as whatmightitbeforyou?)
-“Een kleintje astublief” (a small one please)
-“Allesvangroentjes?” (especially here due to having asked this a zillion times no spaces between words are used. Translates as all vegetabels?)
-“jup” (yes)
-“wa voor saus” (what kind of dressing/sauce)
-“looksaus” (garlic sauce)
-“3€50” (5$)

And then you eat