What is your most prized possesion?

The Rules to this thread.

a) No non-material objects. That means you can’t say your kids/ girlfriend because you don’t actually own them. We’re talking the kinda house is on fire you can grab one thing sorta idea here…

b) You have to give a reason.

I’ll kick this off. My most prized possesion is my guitar, a Dean Evo because its so pretty and plays wonderfully. :slight_smile:

  1. I want to se how many people say their PCs :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’d have to say Aeolus, my alto sax. Selmer Reference. Ahhhhh…

Uh, I think i’ll have to say my PC for now, it has pretty much everything i’ve done for the past few years, though it is all backed up.

Other then that, i’d say my giant dinosaur collection which has well over 100 (possibly 200)

Definitely the gaps between my fingers.


My money? PS2 and games other than that.

Going to have to go PC also. It’s my art tool, writing tool, stereo, movie player, it use to be my TV when I still watched TV, and the way I make most of my long distance calls. It’s the only non-essential appliance I own other than my phone.

My clothes, cause I wear them sometimes.
I don’t really have anything, I have my truck, but I can always get rides from friends, I have a bed, but I could always sleep on the floor, so I guess my clothes would be my mos prized possesion, cause even though I may like to run around naked, other people wouldn;t like that, plus I would get cold pretty quick with out them.

hard drive

shoe boxes of photo’s we have in the cupboard

edit oh the reason, well, if anything else is lost they can be recreated in memory but come to life in my mind again with photo’s =)

My hard drives are very precious to me due to what they contain. I would not want to lose my books though. I have a lot of books. I suppose if I had to choose I would grab the out-of-print ones first.

Of course, in case of fire I would save my lizard first because I would never forgive myself if I didn’t.

my very nice Canon EOS 350D - Digital Rebel with the 28-90mm lense.

why ?

because i capture the world with it…forever.

my clothes cause i like them and they are too expencive for me to replace easily

and my computer cause i have backups of all my cds and stuff like that

My computer of course :smiley: It contains 4 days of awesome music, all the movies my friends and I have made, and, of course, Blender :smiley:

My CD Collection. :smiley:

How can you prize binary data so highly its, just 1s and 0s and besides personal documents, which you could back up online, its all replacable. :expressionless:

My friend just called me and said his next door nieghbors house just burned down, luckly his niehbors own another house. He called me and wants to get some people together and pray and help out in any way they can. I’m guessing they’re going to need food and clothes, bedding too.

well unfortunatly I’ll have to say, my backup cds and my hard drive. It contains all the stuff I created in the past 3years. It might be 0 and 1…most of that stuff might be complete crap…but still, it’s something that I created and nothing in the world could possibly replace that. Among a rare few things, I feel that my 3d creations are one of my best accomplishment.

I don’t really have anythin material possesion that I hold presious. If I had to choose one, it would be…



Is that okay? Because it’s licenced under the GPL, and I download and use it, that would mean it’s kinda mine? Or not?

The reason is simple. It’s fun.

it would proably be old photos,
my website means a lot to me too, because like Ecks said its a lot of my work, and a lot of my self has gone into that.

i also enjoy my pimp of the year award trophys 1989-2006, and i appreciate the enormous underware collection osxrules mom left over my house. i also value the email @ndy sent to me saying how i’m a big inspiration to him and his work bla, bla, bla. and i also value very much the snipit of hair Sago sent to me, which i were around my neck in a gold heart shaped locket.

but all in all it would be old photos, for some reason old memories mean a lot, and old photos help bring them back to life.

Err… Wu? That was the Gimp Daddy Award; not the Pimp Daddy Award.