What Mouse do y'all use? My middle mouse button constantly breaks

Hi all,

Little random, but I’m in need of a new mouse. I’ve been using a Razer Death Adder for the past 4 years, but I’ve had a warranty replacement in that time due to my middle mouse button dying, and now it’s happening again. I rely heavily on my middle mouse button for navigating 3D space.

I really like the mouse, it’s just a shame that they cheaped out on the middle mouse button.

What mouse do you wonderful people use? And has it lasted more than 2 years?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using microsoft basic optical mouse v2.0 model 1113 for long time, last one lasted 6 years. Usually wheel rubber deteriorates faster than any click switches start malfunctioning. Could have been luck though.

As name suggests it’s probably too basic if you want advanced shape or more buttons.

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Honestly, my current mouse doesn’t have many bells and whistles. Just an additional two side buttons for forward and backwards when browsing (or other uses when gaming), and a good enough dpi for gaming.

I use an absolutely ancient Microsoft IntelliEye 5 button mouse, have for literally a decade or so. Northing fancy, one of the few mice that is comfortable for me as a left-handed person. Does it’s job simply and admirably.

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I use a Logitech M330 Silent. It feels solid and I hope it is as sturdy as the predecessing M310 I used for five-six years. Works very well for me and my big hands, both in Blender and generally.

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Mouses (not mice, because my wife says so) from Microsoft is their only product I have used for a long time… Also left handed.

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I used to buy expensive mouses just to find out the same problem you have. Thanks obsolescence i guess.

Now? The cheapest of the cheapest and i buy like a bunch of them at once(reserves). They have about the same lifetime like the expensive gaming mouses (if not longer).

The best mouse i’d ever had? A laptop mouse that were smaller than a matchbox. This thing lasted nearly 10 years. I tried to get another one but couldn’t find it everywhere.

Same goes for graphic cards btw. Never again i spend over 1000 bucks for a graphic card that expired right after the guarantee rans out (happend twice).


I have been using Logitech MX Master 2 for over 3 years (if I remember correctly) and no complaints.
I mapped the small button next to the wheel as the middle mouse button, for me is more ergonomic.

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I used to use a cheap Logitec M90 which you can get for 5 to 10 Euros. It was fine and lasted for ever, and actually still lasts.

Then a while ago I read on this forum that people use gamer mice because it is easier to aim due to a better sensor. And apparently if you have a better sensor you can turn off the Windows/Linux mouse accelleration help thingy which makes it even easier to aim / build muscle memory.

I used to think that this was nonsense but now i decided to test it and got a Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 for around 35€. It looks pretty stupid and glows like a christmas tree but I must admit that it is very comfortable. I can’t really tell if I can aim better with it in Blender but the integrated weights and the ergonomics make it nice to use. And the extra buttons are nice for calling a couple of pie menus which are difficult to reach on the keyboard. All in all I think it is worth the price for something I use 8 hours a day.

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I use a Logitech MX Anywhere. Not that I advocate its use (I do love it, but It is just too expensive, and Logitech’s abysmal switches’ quality means that they’ll start doubleclicking in a couple of years, under the guarantee period if one is lucky enough).

The point of my answer, though, is that, as with other several models from Logitech, the mouse wheel isn’t a third button but a clicky wheel/free wheel switch. The actual third button is immediately before the mouse wheel.

At first it feels a bit weird if one is accustomed to the traditional system, but I find that having the third button be an actual normal button makes one use it with more confidence when navigating the 3d viewport.

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I really like my logitech g502. Use it for 2 years now and no problem.
I had 2 razer. Felt nice but they broke after 1 year.


i rebind one of the side buttons to be a middleclick. problem solved :slight_smile:

with that said, i like my corsair glaive. but ive also liked the logitech g203 for a small light type. i remember seeing a wireless variant one time.

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Yeah, you can rotate with left click and alt/shift but I’m so stuck in my old ways lol. Middle mouse wheel just feels right :smiley:

I’ve used the Logitech M570 Trackball for years - the current one for 3 or 4 years now.

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Very happy with my Logitech MX Master 3. The nice thing about it is that you can just rebind all the keys as you like, so I just use one of the other buttons as MMB. Not because the wheel is not solid on the Master 3 - in fact it’s a very nice weighted metal wheel that can freespin or have discrete stops thanks to electromagnets(!) - but just because I never liked pressing the mousewheel to begin with.


A wired MIcrosoft® 3-button wheel optical mouse. Or the equivalent LogicTech. “Decidedly old-school,” but I got tired of changing batteries and of having “sexy-looking but cheaply-made” mice break.


13yo Logitech G9 Laser. Weird grips, but great sensor, and it’s an old schoold Logitech. 0 issues.

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I have 2-logitech G502’s which I like alot and have had no problems with.

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A mouse with no brand. I bought it at ‘boulanger’ and it’s called ‘essential’.
It’s nicely heavy, confortable, not tiny ( i guess some engies make mouses for cats :rofl:) and robust.

All other mouses ( logitech, µ$oft, and high-end-gamer-pro-pizzamaker-christmaslight-marscompliant…) broke due to shitty made-in-china sticker…

The simpler is often the better :wink:

happy blending !

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I encountered the exact same issue with my Razer DeathAdder Chroma mouse: the middle mouse button stopped working a year ago.

The scroll wheel works fine, though, and the mouse itself is a joy to use. So I was reluctant to replace it. Therefore, I installed X-Mouse Buton Control and remapped the middle mouse button to one of the side buttons.


  • I may continue to use the DeathAdder - no need to purchase yet another new mouse and litter the planet unnecessarily.
  • it seems the side buttons are not prone to fail. I’ve used them for over a year now, and no issues. (the middle mouse button broke after 10 months, or so).
  • using the thumb to control the middle mouse button action for orbiting, panning, etc. is much more ergonomical and puts much less strain on the tendons and hand.
    Using the thumb with the side buttons for this particular action is by FAR more natural than continuously pressing down either the index or middle finger.
  • even IF one of the side buttons would fail in the future, the second side button (which I also mapped to the middle mouse button action) provides a backup.

All in all, I am not missing that broken middle mouse button at all. Remapping this button to the side buttons turned out to be an unexpected providential happenstance! Works better than before, and I saved money to boot. :slight_smile:

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