What things will eventually become standard?

As in what things will everybody probably have in the future much like how people have computers and an email address now.

I do have some ideas of what could happen in the future.

For example, in the future it may become standard to have a device that uses your brainwaves to help you do tasks and such on any computer. Go a bit further and it may become standard to use future technology to link our thoughts together for communication.

Popular Science suggests that the Second Life virtual world will become as such that having an account on it where you are represented by anything from a human to something mythological like a Dragon (which I will probably be one if I ever have to go on that) will become as standard as an email address is today. This is considering that companies, colleges, and even the Department of Homeland security is using it and it gets more and more intergrated with the internet. Eventually we’ll be able to beam information from that world into our brains and using our brainwaves be able to move in that world as if it’s the Matrix itself.

What are your ideas of the standard stuff we will have in the future?

Eventually we’ll be able to beam information from that world into our brains and using our brainwaves be able to move in that world as if it’s the Matrix itself.

Could it be possible that we have had this ability and have just forgotten how to use it? Practice makes perfect so they say. :slight_smile:

Think about it. If Second Life became like the Matrix minus the robots using us as a power source it could revolutionize our lives. For in Second Life we would have as seemingly real a presence there as the real world. We’d be able to have a ideal society with everything you could possibly want and you’d be able to take any form you like. (Dragons, anyone?)



(Dragons, anyone?)

Gosh, I hope you and your reptilian friends dont get pissed, but this reminded me of a time a while back. We had these things called “skinks” all over the place. They were sort of like small lizards and could run very fast and jump quite a way. Well, there were a lot of cactus plants with long thorns growing around, and we used to chase them off of the walls and bricks or what ever into the cactus plants. I know it was mean, but we used to laugh as they impaled themselves.

I was a rotten kid sometimes.

actually there is a free MMORPG called Second Life (http://secondlife.com/) you can model your own character and create your own actions like dance moves or kung fu, and even as a voice to your text though the world is quite low poly even the parts of the world that are not created by users. though I do thing there will be a time that virtual reality will some day be a bit matrix-ish, though I am am a bit worried how far it will go. I thing that or modes of transportation won’t be driven by the passengers any more maybe from operators from a distant or by a program. On a funny note I predict I won’t see a wide screen iPod in a long time XD.

Hope you don’t mind a SecondLife Dark Lord ruling with an iron fist from the top of Barad-Dur.:wink:

Oh come on, Second life needs more Dragons, This forum needs more Dragons. Any forum could use Dragons. You know it’s the Dragon and those who have internet identities as Dragons that bring greatness to the web.

My goal for Second Life would be simple, increase the Dragon population by an exponential amount and establish ourselves as the chief race. And overthrow any dark lords.

Another thing I see coming standard would be gigabit internet speeds, imagine no lag for all websites and almost 0 load time for websites.

Are dragons friendly, or are they mean cold blooded creatures?

That depends on what Dragon you run into. Some will want to devour you, some will pass on wisdom or try to help you or be friends with you.

For me, I’m not interesting in devouring anyone except a certain superhero that we all know who he is;)

Aside from this dragon craze that has caught some people and which I am still trying to figure out what’s up with it

I’m predicting a lot of our technologies to merge into universal keys or pass or chip implants. In a more or less distant future we’ll have our identy card, credit card and so on implanted in a chip in our hand or something similar. The idea isnt new but it sounds viable.

Robots will be everywhere. Things may not be as dire as described in this essay, but I think the technological reasoning is sound. Once the problem of generalized vision recognition is solved (which will be less than 25 years from now, IMO) robots will become ubiquitous.

they already are everywhere. :wink:

Its kinda pointless to speculate on what will we do diffirent in the future cause it will not go the way we excpect. For example :
In the 70s people though that in the year 2000 people would be driving space vehicles like in the jetsons or sth.

SHHH! Or everyone will want one… :slight_smile:

I think people will be extinct in the future

Not me, amigo… I’m gonna live forever. Can’t go into all the details just yet, but I am amassing a mountainful of batteries and cod liver oil. :smiley:

aw man, liveroil, gross:P

well, my point was that computers techinically are robots, and most people (in my country at least) have a pc of some sort, or at least a gaming console.

and the sad thing is, our society will come to except that as standard. :frowning: