What's a fast workflow to deal with texturing?

I pretty much hate texturing, dealing with UV’s and all that, even though I know it’s a necessary evil, so if you were like me and wanted it get done as quickly as possible, not just slapping a random texture from Google, but making normal and bump maps as well, what would be the fastest way to do things?

Maybe sites like those normal making sites online or some apps like Substance painter or would that make it even longer to do?

Also what about procedural textures, what’s a good place to find them?

Substance painter is the easiest and fastest way to go

Graph.ical is the fastest tool I now. I always use it to pimp textures, masks and normal maps in seconds.
There is also Material Maker (very Pro) and Texture Lab(no images for now) on my radar but Graph.ical is just faster.

For UV fun in Blender, just activate Live Unwarp and set up a shortcut for Mark Seam :wink:

A lot can be done in material nodes. I often start with a PBR texture from Textures.com or cc0textures.com with cube projection, than you can add more imperfections with an AO node to add grease to the crevices.

It will always depend on the situation. There are times that you HAVE to make a procedural, when you just can’t find a texture that will work…if you have spent an hour or so looking for a texture it could have been made already. Since everyone is or should be using Node Wrangler…it is a simple operation to import a full PBR setup and it connects itself…Take the time after downloading a set of PBR’s and 1, copy them to your own texture Library and 2, rename if needed ( a lot are not named for use in Node Wrangler).

If you need Normals and the like… @MarioPeper suggestions are great, I use Materialize ( Windows only ) and create from a Diffuse texture and find it works very well.

For procedurals search Google and just about anything you are needing has been done already…

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Yeah, I agree with you. Materialize is pretty useful and simple. That’s my favorite. But if you require high-quality texture, you had better use SP. @ JakeRS

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If you’re looking to save procedural textures and reuse them in other projects, NodeCustomBuilder is a nice add-on, its quick and easy to use.