What's the creature in the Blender 2.5 splash logo?

Just a simple question, can anyone name the creature in the splash of 2.57? Is it based off of a real creature? This is the picture:[ATTACH=CONFIG]140724[/ATTACH]

Actually, I think it’s just made up… Maybe. Anyway, thanks if you know!

No, i think its made up, but it has the characteristics of some sort of lizard. I wish it was real, the colors and everything!that would be an awesome pet :smiley:

Its based on a chameleon, but obviously isn’t a real world creature.http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/006/cache/meller-chameleon_628_600x450.jpg

Oh come on…really?

Most obvious question EVER!

It’s a Chameleon. A famous lizard that can change colour based on mood and sorroundings. I can tell that it is definately a chameleon because the hands are bi sectional.


@Wefyb It is not the ‘most obvious question ever’ because not everyone knows what a Chameleon is. I don’t know everything that you do, you know. Thanks to everyone anyway.

I regret that it is not a Jackson’s chameleon:

They are the best animal.

@PlantPerson Nice picture!


You seriously don’t know what a Chameleon is? I have lost all faith in humanity.

Chameleons are litterally the best known lizards int he world, and they live in almost every place in the world.
There is Chameleon species that live in forests, plains, jungles, even in the DESERT!

They are truly above famous. There is sayings based on them. (“Social Chameleon”, is an example) They are often included in games. And, as you can see, featured in such an odd place as the Blender 2.57 splash screen.

I can assure you that if I asked any person on the street from my town, or any other town near me (and dare I say, inner city Melbourne) I KNOW that they know what a chameleon is.

Guys please stop making comments like this. A chameleon might be obvious for you and me but not so obvious for someone living at a place where they aren’t found and not interested in zoological programs like stuff on national geographic channel. There is absolutely no need to make anyone feel small for his ignorance about a particular thing.

sigh still disagree with me? good i fix this in one go:-


How many of you can identify this creature without trying to be smart to take hints from the link? Note: its not a dead dog. It looks almost the same when its alive.

The only lizards we have in Canada are Salamanders;. I have never heard the term Social Chameleon, though I understand its meaning.

We don’t have Chameleons in Australia either, but it is still common knowledge.
Maybe this is a case similar to that of the Okapi?

you only know something after someone’s told you it.

@mohd.itqan: Hyena?

I figured out I couldn’t fly before I got told I couldn’t.

Also, with the rate of trolling on the increase being “told” something is just about as credible as getting a monkey to randomly type and say that shakespear wrote it first :wink:

If it would have been that simple I wouldnt have used that :p. Notice the leathary skin on his head and hyenas have hair over their body. As i said it looks almost the same. :slight_smile:

@mohd.itqan: is it a Dingo?

1: Dingoes don’t live in India.
2: That ain’t no dingo. Dingoes look like reddish coloured dogs. Also, they don’t howl or bark.

At least after “Tangled” everyone who´s into CG or between 8 and 15 should know a Chameleon :wink: