What's your workflow?

I was just curious what programs you guys used in your workflow :wink:

Here’s mine for animation:

Adobe Illustrator CS4: Concept Art
Blender 3d: Modeling
ZBrush: Sculpting normal maps
Blender 3d: Exporting UV Coords
Adobe Photoshop CS4: Texturing
Blender 3d: Mapping Textures
Blender 3d: Export Model[s]
Maya: Rigging
Maya: Animation
Maya: Export
Houdini: Add in effects
Houdini: Render Animation
Adobe After Effects CS4: Composite the animation


That’s my workflow, it stays pretty much the same no matter what I’m doing (games, animation, composite, etc) so yea…

What’s yours?

OH And if there’s any water involved… I use RealFlow 4

Wow. I’m intimidated. Mine looks wimpy now.

Gimp: Photo touch-up, if needed.
Blender: Modeling, sculpting, Animation, rigging, compositing, physics, rendering, everything 3D, everything.
Paper and pens: concept art.

I occassionally will pick up some other free program for a project, but so far, these three things are my main-stay.

Wow lol, your is nice, mines almost like it:

Gimp Concept art ideas
blender 3D modelling
If I’m going for a nice model then I go to ZBrush
XNormal for normal mapping and AOs
if I have photoshop CS3 (trial) I use that, but if not I use Gimp
Blender rigging, animation, export
Adobe After Effects CS4 for effects and composite

Wow yours is professional 0.o

yes, but he IS professional :wink:

Concept art: hand drawing, preferrably in an 11x14 Cachet sketchbook with mechanical pencil
Modeling: Blender
UV coordinates: Blender
Sculpting/baking: Blender (although if money weren’t an issue, my preference is Mudbox)
Procedural Textures: maPzone
Textures: Photoshop CS3
Rigging: Blender
Animation: Blender
Game Engine: Ogre3D, SIO2 (although I’m just the art guy :slight_smile: so I don’t have to deal with that stuff)
Particles: Blender (for rendered particles) and Particle Universe (for in-game particles)

Mine isn’t too out-going but it works for my projects
Modeling: Blender
UV mapping: Blender
Texturing: Photoshop 7
Sculpting & Baking: Blender
Animation: Blender
Export for game use: Blender

Still working mine out (I’ve been doing this for a few years now as well :expressionless: )

The plan is;

Alchemy, Mypaint, Photoshop: 2D concept art
Clay: 3D concept art (Not digital, but a very important stage)
Blender: Concepting, Modeling, UV & Texture, rigging, animation, dynamics, lighting, rendering, compositing.

Also throw in there LuxRender, MOSAIC, Aqsis and perhaps PRman and i’d say that’s a solid pipe-line, no hassle of exporting/ importing complex data sets between applications, which is a complete pain in the *** (I’m running a blender/ max pipeline at work :frowning: )

Ah yes, Zbrush as well, this part would probably go after the clay, i plan on making models in clay, sculpting them on the computer (Adding in the finer details) then using that mesh to create a low-poly base mesh to model upto detail, then use the normal and texture maps.

Concept art on paper.
High/lowpoly and UVs in Blender. I’d use ZBrush if I could afford it, but it’s Blender for now.
Baking normals and AO in xNormal.
Textures in Photoshop 7.0.
Rigging in Blender.
Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag. (I export to Marmoset after UV’ing, and export another, posed version later).

Edit: Let me explain. Marmoset is very nice because it can mirror normal maps, sharpen the render and has the best realtime skin shader I’ve ever seen. Since its reads normal maps the same way xNormal does, xNormal is the natural choice for baking normal maps for it, plus it can generate AO for normal mapped detail.

Here’s mine: can’t spare $1,000 on photoshop, 600 for zbrush, 20,000 for maya, 400 for 3ds max, or another $1,000 on AE. So, whip something half assed in blender and become so pissed with the project as I do with them all that I throw away the file and empty the trash in a fit of rage.

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concept art - sketch
Photoshop - finalize sketch image
Blender - Model
Zbrush - Finalize model
3Dcoat - Texture model
Blender - Animate
Sony Vegas - Post production video
Vision Lab FX - Special Effects
Microwave - Popcorn

I flop around a lot, since I have a lot of little projects that all have yet to really be ‘finished’.
Paint Tool Sai - 2D sketching, texturing, painting. The app is in some limbo between Corel Painter, The Gimp and MS Paint. I love it to death. Best painting app I’ve ever used (including Painter and photoshop).
Gimp - When I need to use filters or make a really precise image. Sai is a great tool for painting, but not great for graphic design or layout.
Blender - all 3D stuff and I’m playing around with the video editor.
Pencil - 2D animation. It’s nice.
Graphics Gale - Pixel Art and animation.
Inkscape - Vector stuff.
Musagi - Music for several of my projects. BAD ASS app. Hard to find, tho. Google should tell you where it lives, but it’s home has been recently offline, so I dunno where it might be found now. If you get a chance, I highly recommend playing about with it. It’s addictively simple yet you can get a lot of depth out of it.
Audacity - Foley, voicework. I use a couple other little apps, too, but they’re just little apps that make neat pings and beeps. One of them by Dr. Petter, the same guy who does Musagi. It’s a little tool that just randomly generates certain types of sounds meant to be used in games. Jump sounds, coin sounds, menu beeps and clicks, things like that. I use some of those in my animations. Probably a dozen similar apps out there that do similar things.

The stuff I work on varies a lot, and I’ve got a ton of little things I’m always flopping back and forth on, so some projects use some of these apps, some might use just one or two, one of them uses all of them… I have a couple 3D animation projects, a 2D animation project, a couple ongoing game things… I tend to get bored working on one thing for too long. I do plan to actually finish some of these things, tho. I just like experimenting, and as a result I have lots of little in-progress things rather than single big projects.

I should probably buckle down and focus on one thing until it’s finished and then do a second one, etc, but I’ve found it really hard to do. Maybe I should find some help to focus on things better…

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A) Traditional

  1. Portraits
  2. Concept Art
    B) IPhoto
  3. P.C. Paint
    a) portraits
    b) simple textures
    c) backgrounds
  4. Post work
  5. Photo manipulation
    C) Gimp
  6. Texturing
  7. Backgrounds
    D) Blender
  8. Organic modeling
  9. Rigging
  10. Animating
  11. 3D Wallpapers

Doesn’t flow so well though.

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Wow killer, thats a lot of pricey products for a 15 year old.

I pretty much use Blender, the text editor could do with some extra features. And sometimes when I need something else I use Boa Constructor to make a wxPython app.

15 year old you say hmm! either you have very rich parents or ‘ahoy there you scurvy rouge:evilgrin:’

concept art

crowquill pen, pencil, soft pastels, graphite, photoshop, gimp --still searching for a good open source alternative to painter but artrage fills the gap (amazing app and cheap too.)

modeling and uv

luxrender and yafaray currently experimenting with aqsis

Of course it’s pirating. All kids pirate their software. They even brag about it online, which is odd, but everyone does.