When using Make Library Override, does it matter which Collection item I select?


Linking a Collection from another .blend file followed by “Make Library Override” seems to be working for everything in the Collection, but it’s not clear why it’s working.


File > Link > cave_setting.blend > Collection > Collection-of-cave-stuff > Link

All of the cave stuff pops into view. Great! Then, with the just linked Collection still selected…

Object > Relations > Make Library Override > I can just pick any one thing from the list of items within the collection?

I can only select one item from the list of items composing the Collection. No ctrl+A to select all or shift+click to select multiple object, etc.


So far, I can pick any object in the list of items within the collection, and all items seem to work as expected. I can go back and make edits to the original source cave_setting.blend file and the changes are reflected in my downstream .blend file when I reopen it. Cool. I can also move, modify, animate and make other ‘local’ adjustments to my working file and they work fine.


I should be happy, but I’m worried I must be missing something at the Make Library Override step. Why can I choose any single item from within the Collection and it seems all items function as Linked objects with local Library Override? Or perhaps: what am I missing here?

Thank you!