When Will It Come? (The Big Question)


I really want to start making a game I have in mind! Oh, and a couple of other projects that can be started now in 2.26. But I want to do this game ASAP (not rushed, though), so when will it come out?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

Until it comes out, I’ll impersonate this smiley: %|


2 days? 2 weeks? 2 months? 2 years? 2 millenia? WHEN?!

You know, you can still make models, textures, etc. in all the Blender versions up till now - you don’t have to wait for 2.27 for that.

As for when it will come out, I presume it will be released when it’s ready to be released. The only way the process may be sped is by giving more help and contributing to the project.

uhmm why not make the game in 2.23 or 2.22… :-?

And then when 2.27 come out just load your game in it and continu it in that version…try to think before posting :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s no fun, besides that’s to much like work.

x-warrior…remember…you’re talking to cube here…thinking is not one of his strong features.

hey cube, why don’t you help them code it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I don’t know C. Otherwise, I’d have altered Blender (or at least studied it more) already.

Besides, I can think… I just don’t want to bother with installing an old version of Blender on this computer. I tried last night with Blender Publisher 2.25. It wouldn’t work. The menus were screwed up, it said it did an illegal operation, and besides, I want to see new features that might help me. (Pretentious Level: 162%)

I want Blinn shaders that work in an otherwise stable release! PLEASE! I can’t get tohopuu running on my windows machines . . . . :frowning:

I’m running tohupo foor quit some time now, and stil no crashhes etc, /i only miss some functionality and python doesn’t seem to woork properly, but I have 2.23 to do that sort of stuff…

I really don’t think any newer version of blender would solve any problems your computer already has.

Kid Tipod: what version of tuhopuu are you using?


Errr… theeth, either I wrote it wrong or you read it wrong. 2.26 works fine, but 2.25 won’t.

then, where’s the problem?

don’t tell me you have all the logic bricks, models and textures done, or do you?

that’s all things that can be done in 2.26 without any physics engine (well, most of the logic bricks anyway).

And like the others suggested, what’s wrong with using 2.23?


cube: be patient!!!


You could try using crystalspace :slight_smile:

That’s not easy.

What the heck is CrystalSpace?

That’s kind of my point: I can’t figure it out!

It didn’t work when I tried it. Don’t keep going backwards, or you’ll fall into the Grand Canyon.



whingePeople arn’t gonna whinge for the next release every month are they?, that would somehow seem spoilt and ungreatfullwhinge

I know this ain’t exactly why you posted this thread Cube, but it just prompted this whinge from me

It won’t run on my home windows machine either (and yes, I did donwload fmod.dll, and yes, I do have python22.dll)… which I find rather ironic since I seem to be one of the more active contributers to it. It seems to be a rather rare thing, though, because it works on the windows computers at my school, and at my friends houses. And, of course, that makes it even more ironic that it just happened to be me that’s effected by it. :slight_smile:

In my case, I don’t really care all that much, since it’s only the experimental tree, and I prefer to stick with the officialy releases for real projects, but I can definitely understand your anxiety.

Kid Tripod, don’t worry too much: the Blinn shader stuff will be in 2.27(unless something really odd happens).

That’s kind of my point: I can’t figure it out!

It didn’t work when I tried it. Don’t keep going backwards, or you’ll fall into the Grand Canyon.[/quote]

LOL, don’t think valarking want you to use alternative game engine :slight_smile: Try http://crystal.sourceforge.net/ http://www.ploksoftware.org/ http://www.cnedra.org/en/ http://www.faktiss.net/