Where are you from?

Hey everyone,

this is something that’s always fascinated me - where we all come from. Here we are, on BlenderArtists, all here because of one awesome program, and we’re all over the world. pretty amazing, when you think about it…

so I thought this would be interesting…you don’t need to specify city/town or province/state/region, just the country would be fine, but then again if you want to be more specific then of course go ahead :smiley:

so, I’ll start it off :

I’m from Canada! :smiley:

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I live in the Blue mountains of Oregon USA. In a very small town. Yet I consider the world as my home. Yep, just me and my dog who I now call Butt-Chew, because he did get his butt chewed after a time with a lady. Poor guy! :slight_smile:

I’m from Canada! :smiley:

I live in Wisconsin (USA), so I guess I’m not that far away from Canada…

I’m from Colombia, but I live here in Toronto, Canada :wink:

I’m from Norway… =)

Lithuania, middle Europe.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

deep within a cave, sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

The Netherlands.

Hi ,
Libya ,
currently in the UK for a 2 years visit

Florida. :mad:

Missouri USA.

South Africa :smiley:

also, but from Zimbabwe

Canada, eh? Lol. I have never said eh in my life.

Although I do say wicked and bunnyhug often.

austria - tirol

Hi , I’m Alekzsander i live in Lima PERU the most beautiful country in this small world :evilgrin:

But i 'm from tirtquantut Galaxy and other univers of course :rolleyes:

I’m from the state of Kansas, which is about smack dead in the center of the US, currently in the largest city in that state (Wichita, you know the place that makes tons of small aircraft and Vornado fans)

They say that Kansas, despite its size, is actually flatter than a pancake (there’s actually a scientific study that proves this even though we do have hills and even rock formations)

lol! :smiley:

i’m guessing they gather data on the deformations and flat parts, then average it out?

I’m from Sweden.