Where is Bao2

Haven’t seen any posts from Bao2 recently, was he banned from the site? I actually enjoyed reading and watching some of the crazy stuff he posted about, so hopfully if he’s banned it’s just temporary.

Or maybe there’s something more sinister going on here???

He actually was banned for a short period (the user information in their posts will show that), but he hasn’t come back onto the forum since it ended.

It has happened before, people leave for good because they cannot post the things they want due to the forum rules (which was enforced with the temp. ban).

there was someone banned years ago. He made dinosaur animations. His title was ?? animamni???something…I forget. I always wounder why he got banned. I do not wounder why bao got banned.

Option 3: He moved away

Does he really think he can delete all his posts on this forum if he posts enough there (which as far as I know can only be done if it’s the latest one in the thread)?

He must be counting on the idea that his theory and prediction threads will be more tolerated there, but this is far from the only forum where political threads aren’t allowed.

well, I’m glad I won’t ever be banned for saying 9/11 was an inside job.

I mean, I don’t live over there :chuckle:

In dark times like this, even I am careful what I put on this forum in case I get made disappeared too. Sometimes I don’t even mention to friends and family that I go to the blenderartists.org website, when in actual fact I go to this site. It seems you can’t trust anyone just in case your post gets you noticed.

Well, his announcement that he’ll “terrorize” BA, not refrain from political and conspiratorial topics and that he even has a set of rules for being banned pretty much shows he already has a weird history with forums.

Good riddance.

“Good riddance.” I concur.
Animaticoide, What happend if it is ok to ask?

I could never figure out how someone who lives across the pond would have so much to say about American Politics. I mean—why would he care?

Trolls troll, GLakie, because that is what they do. If conspiracy theories are the sharp stick he can poke in someone’s eye, why he will pick it up and poke away. He had a lot to say about American Politics because there are a lot of people here he could annoy. Ain’t worth looking any deeper than that. Trolls troll. Don’t feed em.

Yeah, I fell pray to that shit once and actually started to argue with him just before the thread was closed. After reading some of his posts over in 3dtotal, I can see there’s a lot more going on than just wanting to annoy people. I think he needs to seek help.

C-mon guys this thread is in poor taste.

Are you talking about the poll I made, or are you talking about everybody talking bad about Bao2? I’m not trying hurt anybody with this thread, I don’t think a little joke like that is in bad taste… just trying to have a little fun here.

I don’t know why people are hating so much on him, I never saw him attack anyone personally, and I don’t know what Arexma is talking about when he says that Bao was going to “terrorize” BA. I didn’t read anything that even suggested that in the post on 3dtotal.

Orinoco - Are you saying that Bao didn’t actually believe in what he was spewing here? I find that hard to believe.

Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Trolls tend to start believing their own bullshit after they start spreading it around. If they didn’t then they would have to think of themselves as ‘bad people.’ Some folks say humans are the rational animal. Others say we are the rationalizing animal. In Bao’s case, I think rationalizing is closer to the mark.

It’s just what he did is what was that got him noticed. In this case, you don’t want to get noticed else “they” is going to have “them” know about you and have you made an example off. If you want to do what he did, then you got to do it so as they don’t know about you or what you did after you did it.

Ah well, I misread his sentence, I understood he wanted to send a PM to each moderator here about every new post he makes over there and delete 10 posts here for each new post he makes there.
Turns out after reading the sentence with a “,” he “just” wants to delete 10 of his posts here for every new post he makes there, leaving the mods alone.
So “terrorize” becomes pretty much “ridiculously childish plan of vengeance(? or whatever drives him)”

To let you know:

Bao2 was temp banned because he continued to post “irrelevant and unnecessary posts” [forum rules] even after he got warnings from us moderators explaining why we do not want this kind of posts and what the consequences are if he continues to post them. Bao2 had the choice and he decided to go for the ban.

His temp ban expired a while ago. Until now there is no further actions from us moderators.

Am I the only one here who feel his missing?
Yes, lately most of his posts were irrelevant and unnecessary, though he was also very useful and constructive, and he has a great sense of humor.


Like I said in the first post, I enjoyed reading and watching the stuff he posted, even though I didn’t believe most of it, I was entertained. So yeah I guess I miss him somewhat. But I can see why the moderators don’t want the political stuff on here that he was propagating, it can be very divisive and make the forum have a much different atmosphere.