Where is scale in the array?

(MickHanks) #1

Where is scale in the array?

(helluvamesh) #2

If you mean the array modifier, you can use another object’s transform to gradually scale, rotate and translate the duplicates. (Object Offset property)

(MickHanks) #3

@Helluvamesh thanks for the reply, and the following is not aimed at you.

Yes, there’s other way to accomplish this, But why in all that is standard, is there not a X,Y,Z Scale and rotate settings in the array? I love bender but come on, really. One more script on my list to write.

(Peter) #4

I wish there was such a feature since always requiring to place an empty to scale the array is not what i call an efficient workflow.

I am also currently struggling to find how to scale at various point along my array like scaling the middle bigger and scaling extremity smaller and array seem to only accept one empty to do the scaling so i am stuck on this at the moment.