White Living Room

Here my latest project hope you like it.
Blender+Cycles+Filmic Blender
5000-7000 Samples

5000 Samples

Wow! :DIncredible archvizes as always.

And ya, from what photo did you made the chair? Link?

I really like this.

Being able to do great realisations of interiors is what I’d really like to be able to achieve; what would you say is the most important thing to work on?

@Odilkhan Yakubov
Thank you, i dont have a link i just googled Eames DAW chair.

Thanks, i dont know if there is this one thing that is most important.
I think you can achieve the best results if you do the things just as they are in real life.
Model the furniture as it is also made in real life, use only one light source like an HDRI,
high-resolution textures and dirt-fingerprint-scratch maps.
Here is a great link from a master: http://bertrand-benoit.com/blog/the-photographic-look/
I hope I could help a bit.

Wow, Compliments on the photorealism!!

I love how the sofa’s cloths are made. The wrinkles are perfectly placed. How did you make them that natural looking?
Maybe a small thing, but maybe you could add some thickness to the carpet? It looks a bit flat now. Maybe a valvet or even furr on it will make it even more realistic :slight_smile:
Also, what’s up the light switch? It seems a bit too low, or is that normal in your living area? for European it’s very low.

Lighting is very well done. I love that in the back of the room you kept it a bit dark as in normal houses it would be too.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you, the carpet is actually 7mm thick i think it’s just the camera angle.
I know what you mean with the light switch and it is 5 cm lower than in my house
So yeah the switch could be a bit higher.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Really good work. Your renders are getting better, nice improvements.
Just keep going and you will create some awesome stuff.
4 Stars from me.

Well done, ArcHWIZ; could you reveal your light setup?

Thank you.
It is just one HDRI with this settings:

Amazing work ! nice lighting and shading.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

No sun and area lamps / emit planes in windows? Incredible!

Nope nothing more, just one hdri.

This sun spot on the wall on the second image is made from HDR image only? Spectacular!

What are your gamma, AO and exposure settings, if I may ask? Did you use any filters to achieve such realistic result? Any add-ons? What about postproduction?

Nice work! (though not very fond of the last camera, but this is just a matter of taste.)
On the technical site of things very nice lighting, very clean render (for cycles without AO, Portals and I guess also without clamping).

Can you please give us a render time range and specs of your machine.

I’m still dreaming of the day that Cycles would implement a secondary caching method (like Corona) that could reduce render times significantly. Till then we are all armed with tons of patience.

Really love this one - I started learning Blender so that i could also make “architectural” models- and images like that keep me inspired.
It looks nice and real.

The only “strange” thing I see is in your 2nd - capret looks a bit off (as if it’s pattern was lost)- considering how it looked on 1st one-
But that may be Camera angle that makes it look like that

I use filmic blender and post is just some color adjustments/noise reduction/sharpen with PS/nik collection.

Thank you. Ofc i use portals without it would be self-destruction :smiley:
It took 4-6 hours on single GTX 1080


Thanks. :slight_smile: