who has experience with making a 3d game for web/smartphone?

Hi all,

I am curious if somebody could give me some advice with what engine one would suggest
to make a simple 2d/3d side scroller jump n run game for the web or smartphone app.

the 3d content obviously is in Blender.

previously I used game salad but always had some performance issues but I liked the very easy to
use logic system to design the interactions.

i’m not fully sure myself, but there is a great list of engines both 2d and 3d listed here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_game_engines

Unity presents a very nice way of doing it. At least for android. I don’t have access to a mac or iPhone so I wouldn’t know about those. But for android it is pretty easy to set up and deploy.

There is even Gamekit engine aviable in Blender editor(you can get the add-on).

I never used Unity - so you can make the app and then deploy it to the web player or iOS/Android game store?

I never saw any blender game engine work done in the web - is there even one adriansnetlis?

just today I realized that there is also Godot which looks like something like Unity but OSS free and it can export also into html ios android and win mac. it has an internal 3d scene designer

anybody ever gave this a run?


For me the UI of Godot was so difficult to understand. Engine is good by itself, but the UI is not begginer friendly at all.

Endi has been making games using godot, there is a thread about it here, in discussion, started by ace dragon,

I believe endi (the guy who made dead cyborg) is making a addon for import/export workflow from blender.

BlenderGE for web: http://geta3d.com/ .It is called Burster plug-in, pretty nice,practically no export/deploy…just one click away.

yeah but does chrome support that now? (the extension?)

Nope. Chorme does not support it, as unity web player also is not available for chrome

Well it seems that for web/android/ios the best choice now is HTML 5 :smiley:

all those web solutions that require web plug-ins are really problematic because you need people to install the plug-in in the first place!

yeah, this is why we need a direct html5 exporter , then games will run on any platform,

Indeed. It is hard to use plugins at all, but when we start to speak about Linux, browsers(my is Chromium which for some reason in current version has bug and doesn’t support WebGL), and plugins… I even’t can’t proceed to install Java Iced Tea which I needed once.

Unity has the ability to export to native HTLM5+JS (no plugin required). I tested it out myself on a very simple game/scene before I believed it was even possible. They basically cross-compile everything into C++ code then convert that to ASM.js which can run in the browser. I’m not sure how stable it is at this point.

I’d recommend Playcanvas, it’s what I’m using for my current game.
You build your project online, similar to google docs. It can understand fbx and dae 3D models, and supports everything I’d like it to.
I actually don’t use the online editor, preferring to use the engine (the engine is open source) and a text editor.

Screenshot of editor:

Scene manager on the left, material/object/property panel on the right, assets on the bottom.

If you want to have a look, heres the game I’m developing in it:
(Check the edit controls link to find the controls)

I think this belongs now to offtopic threads.

can you with playcanvas embed it in your own website if desired? It seems to me you can only host it on their playcanvas gallery.

Yes, that webpage I linked you to is me hosting my game separately to them.
Here it is again: