Who is your favorite Blender Artist and why?

I noticed this topic by @LBJ and thought could be a nice one to discuss with a wider audience. I didn’t quite like the absolute ‘who is the best’ - so instead let’s ask “Who is your favorite Blender Artist and why?

Please provide:

  • The name of your favorite artist
  • A link to their portfolio
  • Why you picked them

Jama Jurabaev


Using Blender extensively but not exclusively. Very varied work, I like his dynamic, cinematic style. Has worked on some very high profile projects (e.g. The Mandalorian). Also has really good training in various aspects of Blender on Gumroad.

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Should this be someone who solely uses Blender from A to Z?

For example, my favorite 3D sculptor is @Musashidan McGrath, but he only uses Blender as a part of his pipeline.

ArtStation - Danny McGrath

When it comes to artists who mainly use Blender (unless I’m mistaking), I really like the stylized works of:

And a special mention should go to @Harti for his horror-themed realistic artwork.


I think it’s fair to include people who use Blender for a significant part of their work :+1:


@Metin_Seven Thank you for mentioning me. I feel very flattered! :pray: :handshake:


It’s really hard to make a choice here, so I’ll cheat and give a few names !

Of course there are really talented / awesome concept artists that use blender in their work, Jama Jurabaev is one of them !

I like a lot Bassam Kurdali : a great generalist that touches many areas either technical or artistic :

Of course, going that road it’s hard not to mention Andy Goralczyk : https://twitter.com/artificial3d

Ian Hubert is a kind of a CG Rock Star too : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbmxZRQk-X0p-TOxd6PEYJA

Super talented guys, looks like you can put them to any challenge they’ll manage.

But I like also very much the work from poked studios : https://pokedstudio.com/
Quite an unique style with so much variations over it. At first it was mainly one guy, so I may over-cheat here now that they’ve got different artists in their studio…

But I think if I start I can keep on… because there is so much talented people out there. CG is a very vast field that include either technical stuff and very different artistic fields.
Like with many things It’s hard for me to choose a top one artist/film/book, I can probably put together a top 20 or top 50 …


lamiaa abdo

she is a great artist , she makes a great artwork.


I had some on my list that were already mentioned by Sven so here is one more.

Which I think is worth mentioning and full Blender workglow.




Thanks Metin, that’s very kind of you to say so. But yes, my (paid)work these days is almost exclusively Zbrush, with Substance Modeler being my favourite program that I’ve taken up in the last few months for personal projects.

I was using Blender extensively for hard-surface before moving from games to miniatures, but not so much any more. Having said that, Blender is a vital part of my pipeline and is the ‘hub’.


Honestly, it’d have to be @Jared.Owen I absolutely love his videos!


There are plenty, but one of my favourite is Peter France - he does VFX at Corridor Digital, and some of the stuff he does in Blender is wild.



If God™ had to start over, I suspect he’d be using Blender. It’s just that good. :smiley: But seriously, there are so many incredible Blender artists, how can we know but those few we encounter online?

That said, I would nominate anyone who has worked on the Blender short films over the years. You can see that there’s a lot of talent there.


For me is very hard to pick “my favorite artist” no matter if he use Blender or something else. Because I love all types of artworks , characters realistic and stylized, hard surface, environments, animals… and all between :wink:
But if I must to chose on this will be Lukas Walzer ArtStation - Lukas Walzer
He do it all… or almost all. If you wish to split hair you can find “better” artist in every genre. But as the whole there is few artist which dare to touch such variety of topics… And every time make something good, excellent. Again, no matter of software choice. It’s sad truth that majority of artists live in his ‘comfort zone’ and don’t leave his ‘safe space’. Which is more than obvious in some portfolios.
Like only anime cute girls and… NOTHING ELSE, or cute stylized stuff and nothing else. No matter how this can look good, there is big emptiness.


This one makes nice stuff:


Very pertinent.
The new ‘pompier’ in 3D is worse than the one in painting of the early 20th century.

Nice ref.

I have been very impressed by the quality of some realistic and semi-realistic landscapes (ghibli-like effects-between others) made in Blender. As impressionism is probably the only style that speaks softly to my ear since I passed 20 years old; these landscapes changed my mind about the possibilities of the program.

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Thank you Daniel!


Me, Coz im bussin


Heck i have just have a few of the hundreds of very good artists that i know but again also just to re-mention :grin::

blender god of vfx @Mrdodobird of course other vfx artist like peter france, and someone else i dont remember lmao…

Character Design: heck there are a lot, but mainly i would like to mention @ChrisJones @theLuthier @Harti Michał Korczyk https://www.artstation.com/hokiroya Lukas Walzer https://www.artstation.com/lukas_walzer @Yudit1999 Flycat https://www.artstation.com/thoredant @Musashidan @tarek Daniel Bystedt https://www.artstation.com/dbystedt @YanSculpts Zacharias Reinhardt https://www.artstation.com/zreinhardt and myself someday :joy::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face: and many many more that i dont remember lmao…