who want to be professionals?

(kos) #1

ok…we all know that blender is liked by 3d-hobbiests most.there are so many blenderheads out there who blend just for fun.but still there are some guys like me ( 8) ) who really blend seriously and want to become professional 3d-artist.personally my aim is to become a professional modeller(and a good one).i would really like to know who among you in this community think the way i do.

(stukkm) #2

yeah, i think kinda like you. i mean, i blend just for fun now like many people here, but i do want to go somewhere with this eventually. i just can’t go pro now because (i suck :wink: ) i’m still in school (and i suck :wink: ). i guess you could say i still ‘blend seriously’ though. blender is a hobby for me, but an incredibly interesting one.

(Timonides) #3

Well, I allready have a steady job, in another field of interest, but it wouldn’t hurt to become professional modeller/animator though… :wink:


(beatabix) #4

i’m currently working towards a serious career in digital media, with a possibility of blender being used at some level.
i think there’ll be very few professional blenderheads though, as blender just doesn’t cut it professionally right now.
give it a couple of years though…


(stukkm) #5

from what i remember, imgrandpaboy went pro making designs for some snowboard company (i think… not sure, my memory is stupid :stuck_out_tongue: ). but don’t take my word for it… ask him!

(Bapsis) #6

I most definatly want a career in 3D CG, either with animation (film or television) or games. I couldn’t imagine a better job!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Riskbreaker) #7

Hell yeah, I wanna get serious. I’m actually gonna apply at a college (cant decide yet which to take: CG Animation or Graphic Design) for 2003.

(adyus) #8

you know what, I’ll just use Mazer’s words in this post because he just said what I was thinking:

yeah, i think kinda like you. i mean, i blend just for fun now like many people here, but i do want to go somewhere with this eventually. i just can’t go pro now because (i suck ) i’m still in school (and i suck ). i guess you could say i still ‘blend seriously’ though. blender is a hobby for me, but an incredibly interesting one.

(belac) #9

lets see…

In School: 2nd Year
Major: Film and Video
Emphasis: Annimation

Most of the time Maya is used in the field… but i plan on strating my own production house… using a version of Blender as an in house graphics program of sorts. Most likely though Maya will be used as well… that’s an amazing program. If you stick with it, its 100% possible to make a career out of this… That is if you can deal with clients of course… you can’t just set off on your own a lot of the time. Clients usually want something very specific, but they can never tell you what it is.

Stick with it! You can get there if you keep improving your skills!


“i dream in mesh”

(LethalSideP) #10

Yup. I done some paid work with Blender before (not much, got paid about £100 for it all in all), but that was just freelance work.

I’m going to university next year specifically to study 3D animation. I’ve found a very good course, and I’m really hoping I’ll get in (I hope so - it seems there’s just about 1 good animation course in the whole of the UK, and this is it!!! :frowning: )

(DreamMaster) #11

Blender’s what changed my career choice completely. I’m planning on studying on this area in college and minor in math. Something like that :smiley:

Anyways, at the beginning, I blend for fun, but now I’m getting waaay too serious (I’m kinda glad that the computer broke down on me so I can get some break) and I find out that I really enjoy being so different and being so rare among those blend guys :smiley:

I find myself looking at the world differently now… and I will never regret it. :slight_smile: I will continue it into my career… :smiley: I’m excited!

Speaking of colleges, any of you have any good information for colleges/ unversity with high rated in animation program or something similar? Which colleges are the best… no matter what it costs? (In U.S.A. if you don’t mind).

I haven’t found a college that i want to go yet… I want to be able to attend for 4 years or more. Anyone willing to help me out?

(Mobius) #12

I’m going serious with this, already I’m making an RPG with blender being the modeler that I’m useing for the game…even in college I’m going for it and if I can’t get a job for someone I’ll do it by myself

(Ecks) #13

I want to become programmer, but on the side being a professional modeller would be cool. If I change my idea about becoming a programmer my next job would be modeller/animator!

PS: Kos, your already a good modeller, I’m pretty sure you can enter in a compagny as a modeller very easily! :wink:
Every of your work (the moto, the mclaren, I didn’t saw other :o ) are beautifull!

(Phrangkk) #14

I’ve editing commericals (mostly local but some national) for the past 9 years and have just recently begun sneaking in animations into projects when possible.
We have Maya 1.0 on an old O2 at our facitlity, but our new graphic artist(who learned on Maya) is now using Blender almost exclusively.
He’s learned it really quickly and is already doing better work than me.
I’m just glad to have a local Blender group of two.

I’m not earning any extra income by doing animations, but its more fun to me than my normal gig.

(kos) #15

yeah man … anybody who knows maya can learn blender very easily.but this is not the same for a blender-dude to learn maya so easily.i’m saying it from my own experience.i am learning maya right now (ofcourse by myself with the help of a mastering maya kinda book).and believe me maya sucks a lot.it may be the best 3d-software in the planet but it is a whole f***ing kind of difficult.you have to do several tasks and open several windows only to achieve something that can be done with a couple of hot-keys in blender.

(Piraniac) #16

Well…i’ve been wanting to get into this professionally since 14 (last four years) and Blenders prevented me from exploding in frustration at not having access to decent software :wink:

LethalSideP - can i ask which course? I will also (hopefully) be going to uni next year and am currently looking at different places. I actually applied this year to the NCCA in Bournemouth, but…well…thats another story :-?


(uv) #17

YES, lets be professionals. :slight_smile:

(kaktuswasse) #18

I would LOVE to work as an 3d-animator in the future. I would even do modelling as well :stuck_out_tongue:

cya henrik

(CurtisS) #19

I have completed several projects for clients where Blender was used. Mostly it was for things like 3D realizations or posters…pretty boring actually. Too bad more clients do not ask for things like: “I want a really cool animation, you decide what it will about.” :slight_smile:

(sonix) #20

I work at Yorkshire Tv as a film colourist and transferer to digital video, using a Phillips Spirit datatelecine digital transfer machine and Davinci color controller.

I have been teaching myself how to use Blender for about a month and a half, and am just about competent in the basics. ( And very grateful for the endless supply of tutorials available on the web.)

My current work in progress, is a CGI space based animation, which I shall hopefully take to the head of productions and see if there is an opening for this kind of work, which my research shows there is a huge gap in the UK based adult animation market.

Obviously as I already work for the company I shalln’t be taking this on full time unless the wage difference is greater for animators, but shall continue in my spare time and then as an overseer in the production process if I get to this stage.

I hope to produce a 5-10 min pilot animation to show most of the space ships, planets etc. to be used and a thin plot example. Story boards are being drawn up in the next few weeks and I have already finished three of the 30 or so ships. Timescale at the moment is about 4-7 hours per ship, including modeling, texturing and rendering.

So I hope to be able to make some money from 3d CGI and shall keep at it regardless as I enjoy it so much. (My PS2 hasn’t been on since I got a copy of Blender!)