Whos going to see WALL•E?

here is a promo it looks so awesome!!

I LOVED Lifted (same director). Lifted was a short on the Rat DVD. He’s the guy who started making animations when he was 11.

Definitely me! Pixar is so awesome! First, retro super heroes and now robots! I hope this lives up to Toy Story 1&2 and Lasseter’s other better films. Meet the Robinsons was also very good, but it waited till half-way through the movie for the plot to pick up.

Edit: Oops, I forgot this isn’t a Lasseter film. He was just mentioned in one of the trailers.

A better question would be who is NOT going to see WALL-E?

Not only is this a CG forum, and Pixar is the leader of the industry in that respect. But even putting that aside, they just make good movies with good stories and great characters.

ya Ive seen lifted too

Lifted is directed by Gary Rydstrom, who is better known as a sound designer, while Wall-e is directed by Andrew Stanton, who previously helmed Finding Nemo, IMHO the least of the Pixar films.

I saw a preview of WALL•E at last year’s Comic-Con, and it looked absolutely wonderful; I’m looking forward to seeing it!

@Abulafia: Well, Nemo wasn’t exactly an Umberto Eco story ;).

In all honesty, I think it deserved its animated feature award. I can’t be too hard on Stanton’s work – Pixar’s worst is still ahead of the “me too” niche crowd (coughsharktalecough). One more thing: the subject matter was a bit risky. It tried to educate parents more than it tried to educate kids.

I have no doubt that Pixar is where it is because it takes unprecedented risks. Who else would dare using a rat as a protagonist and making it a chef?

Personally, I’m looking forward to Wall-E mostly because it’s gonna be Pixar’s handling of a story without dialog (for the most part).

Well, it will have dialogue, but it will be mechanical sounds mixed together to sound like words. There will be one voice actor for a human character.

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IMHO, Ratatouille was an impressive story, with an impressive visual design. I can’t believe that is the same director of Incredibles;). I’ve seen the trailers of Wall-E and still trying to lift my jaw from the floor. I’ve seen Nemo when it was out, and i think that tough is not an Umberto Eco’s tale :smiley: it was nice and pleasant to see. I still enjoy seeing Monsters Inc. today. Cars likes me a lot, Bug’s life it’s great… And Toy story… was one of the films that made me dive into the 3d world, along with Disney’s Tron. Well… maybe i forgot some Pixar’s movies… Only one complaint against Pixar: The Incredibles (To me, incredibly boring, maybe blame the ugly translation). But the rest, well… It’s Pixar. I still like more Ghibli’s movies :wink: but they’re mostly 2d!

ps: i’ll go to the cinema when Pixar do an adaptation of Baudolino. :D:D

I’m definitely going to see it. Pixar all the way! Sighs at nerdiness

Only one complaint against Pixar: The Incredibles (To me, incredibly boring, maybe blame the ugly translation).

It must have been the translation. The fact that Ratatouille was another Brad Bird film was the reason I got excited about it (I loved and still love Iron Giant and The Incredibles and never get tired of either). The Incredibles is one of the most amazing and entertaining pieces of art, both in storytelling and visuals, that I have seen in my life. Note that I’m not saying you insulted it and retaliating, I’m just sharing my opinon of it.

Just a litle off topic :stuck_out_tongue:
I love Brad Bird movies… The Iron Giant, but I also loved Ratatouaille and the Incredibles… In fact they are in order of preference, being the first mentioned the one I like most, thus my favorite :yes:

Wall-e but ofcourse, I watched the trailer frame by frame :smiley:

Translation to “Buenos Aires Argentinean” was really ugly. Really. You never know how ugly can be… :wink:

I definitely want to watch it. Pixar is just… well, they’re Pixar!

cubofjudahslion: wink, wink, nod, nod.
And yes I concur, at this point the worst Pixar is still ahead of the best of the rest, although I see great promise with Horton Hears a Who.

I’m game to view it!

yay , Cool O_o promo …

Shouldn’t this be in Off Topic?


I’m game to view it!

buzzed ? LOL , your going to game to view it ?

Its a saying :smiley:

Pixar is funny, and original. kudos.