Why does BA add sharpening to uploaded images? Can this be changed?

Title says it all.

Looking at all the uploaded images in the forum, they all seem to have an extreme amount of sharpening added to them. I feel this is ruining some of the images posted in the finished project section.


From my experience, the sharpening tends to only apply to the thumbnail and only if the file is a jpeg (open the attachment and it should look as it did in Blender’s render window).

yea looks like you are right, after clicking on the image it seem to look correct, the problem is I almost NEVER click on the image, take this link https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?435473-Railgun-Please-Critique the images are huge and there should be no need to click on it, seems like you should be able to view it correctly right from the forum window. (This is not my image, just using it as an example)

No big deal, just wondering if this was a simple setting that can be turned off in vBulletin.

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Glancing through vBulletin’s settings, it doesn’t look to be a simple toggle option as far as I can tell…

OK, thank you for looking into that.