Why would anyone use the BGE?

Could anyone give me ONE single good reason why people should use the blender game engine and not any of the other FREE game engines out there. Unreal engine and unity engine?

Why WOULDN’T anyone use the BGE? I mean, it’s simple, fast to learn, no license traps, it’s not bloated with useless stuff, the UI doesn’t crash randomly when you click a button…


Alright, here are my list of reasons:

BGE is part of the modelling program, meaning I don’t have to switch out/between my modelling program and game engine to make small changes.

All of it is free. There’s no component of the BGE that I need to pay for. Unlike, say, Unity, in which there are SO MANY features that are behind some kind of pay wall.

Logic bricks are very simple and very easy to work with and one can make simple games within a week using only those with 0 scripting knowledge.
You could practically make a simple basic Mario clone like that.

The community is AMAZING. I’ve never been part of any community so willing to help anyone who struggles with something.
I’ve learned so much by coming and just… asking.

Nobody should ever learn BGE, not because it’s too bad, but because it isn’t. BGE has a lot of bad things to make you want to run away from it, but it also has the right amount of good things to force you to stay.

It is integrated in the 3d editor (good), but that makes it a problem with the license to export games and android/consoles compatibility (bad); uses a very powerful but still easy to learn language: Python (good), but it’s a dynamically typed one, meaning slow, not suited for low level stuff (bad); BGE it’s truly open source and freeware (good), but that makes the source code a mess (bad); and so one…

However that doesn’t mean that Unreal or Unity is the solution of all your problems, you’ll need the right game engine for the kind of game you want to make and most of the time that engine isn’t Unreal nor Unity, sometimes it doesn’t even exist and you’ll be better making your own.

If you place that quesion in the community of Blender users, it wont help you much :stuck_out_tongue: Go and ask somewhere else?

Don’t. It’s a virus made by Apple to make people switch to SunOS

Sorry, but I have to be the asshole here, because there are too many things that are just wrong.

If you don’t care about publishing on platforms to which you could theoretically port it, but wouldn’t be allowed to publish on, that’s right. From that point of view, there are no license traps.

It’s not bloated, maybe with the exception of of few things like all the features that are part of Blender, but you should not even think about using in the Blender Game Engine. I have always dreamed of having a video editor and fluid simulator in a game engine that can’t actually be used for a game.

Like any other software basically. Though, that might be the reason why a and b releases are needed from time to time. But I am sure that only happens in the areas of Blender that are not the game engine, the bloated ones that don’t exist in the Blender Game Engine.

The single reason:

  • because you can can create another thread in this forum that produces bad mood and troll fights :ba:.

Oh, ok you do not need to use the BGE to do that … so here is another one:

  • Why not? If you want a finished game … buy one. If you want to create your game you have to take the long way. If you use the BGE or something else is your choice and just one step/challenge/obstacle on the road. You will discover many more regardless what you decide.

So people have a reason to ask this question. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously maybe there are no technically reason but anyway maybe people are happy with that what the bge does or some people like how it works …

There are so many variations of products/softwares (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_game_engines) there is no universal engine for everyone because everyone has different views of what he want/how he want to work.

So happy blending/ unitieng(?)/ unrealing(?) or what ever, have fun :wink:

Could anyone give me ONE single good reason why people should use the blender game engine and not any of the other FREE game engines out there. Unreal engine and unity engine?

It is absolutely the same if you ask “Why would anyone use Unreal instead of Unity” or vice verse.
It depends what kind of game you want to do with the engine.Every engine have it’s pros and cons.

Other GE too difficult for me to work with:

  • I have slow internet
  • My processor is not powerful
  • My RAM is small.
  • I can extract and use anywhere (PC).
  • I can edit and press ‘p’.
  • I can ‘update’ when I want to.
  • Blender starts within few second.
  • Blender exits within few second.
  • Sample/shared files can be downloaded, open and press ‘p’.
  • Members/contributors here are great and very helpful/
  • Almost all functions are accessible through UI.
  • I’m comfortable with Blender shortcuts - seems like Blender developer can read my mind.
  • UI customization are very easy - to fit on what I’m working with.
  • I do edit/stitch videos using Blender.
  • I make 3D assets using Blender before embedding it to C.
  • I make 2D vector assets using Blender.
  • I can organize/pack all those assets to one single file.
  • I test things using BGE.
  • I explain the ‘plan’ how things works using BGE.
  • but… I don’t have any single reason for other people why they should use BGE. Sorry.
  1. Rapid production of functional gameplay - if you know the engine -

  2. Ability to use external python and api commands from blender and from other 3rd party libs like PIL and PYopenGL, to make tools and gameplay dynamics

  3. Easy to learn, resonably fast when you optimize.

4.Open Source - if you want to extend the engine it is possible, however a refactor to condense and self contain the code would be good, including the ability to generate a brick to compile using a sort of ui/front end reducing the knowledge barrier to extending.


6.Nothing else felt like home the first time I used it… it was like playing a game(learning the engine).

I’m getting tired of this kind of question. What happens if you post “Why would anyone use Blender” in the Blender and CG Discussions forum?

This pretty much can be used to describe the Free and Open Source Godot engine as well (where I don’t hear of users being plagued with issues as opposed to Unity and Unreal prioritizing quantity over quality when it comes to features).

Though both the Unity and Unreal teams are starting to emphasize bugfixing and stability a bit more (but they are still adding features at a very rapid rate so it remains to be seen if the bug counts in those engines actually start going down).

Actually, I have not hit a bug I have not already worked around in about a year…

The last bug I solved was the compound actor physics shape ghost… now I can do pretty much everything I try…

Because I love it. I know I should spend more time with UE4. But I would rather Blender (And play guitar) all day.
God help me. :slight_smile:

Have any of you ever tried using another engine to publish a game for android? It’s theortically possible but with most of them I’d say it’s practically impossible for anyone who isn’t already an experienced developer.
Blender is a great place to start out. It’s good for learning the ropes and with scripting you can take it as far as you like. Eventually you’d have to move to a different engine if you want to publish for anything other than desktop computers, but almost anything you learn in blender will be transferable skills you can use in other places.

Yes I think blender is good at proving a point, creating a prototype, because it’s fast and easy to setup. That’s what I’m trying to do, just proving the effect or that it’s possible in blender means you could move on and do it better in a better engine. Blender also is very noob friendly, it’s the artist’s engine since not programming is required. Programming is a curse at people who are good at designing things. That’s what is so frustrating about game making, we have got artists who are really good at designing stuff then we’ve got programmers who just dream of making games. (Their game)

What all great productions do is they hire people to do only what they’re good at. This is something the blender community don’t understand, you want to make a game, great. Then go find yourself a good artist at deviant art or any other site where people post their artwork. Show them your programming skills and have them design your game. Currently what’s happening is that people with talent at creating nice graphics have to grovel at the feet of programmers to make some of the features work.

This is the main reason I think that there are SO MUCH shit out there on the internet. Stories in games for example, have anyone ever thought of walking up to an author who has published a great book and asked them to help out with their game’s story. I don’t think so, there are places on the internet where people have creative writing stuff going on. They’re masters of storytelling but nobody ever asks for advice or help from them.

The only reason I think that anyone would ever use blender instead of unreal is because it’s “artist friendly” no complicated coding required. But this frustrates me on the internet in general, people have this self centered attitude that I know best, I have best taste blah blah. I wouldn’t begin to advice a composer of music on what’s good music, I posted this in another thread on here but it really is true:

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.

It’s very hard to convince people of this and I see it on every thread on here, shitty game after shitty game. You need to help each other out people, compliment each others weaknesses.

I’m a beginner at Blender, just a computer interest really, um, have done some 3D model creation, and now I’m still doing that but for the game engine. So as I don’t know Python and what ever else.

I’m finding it hard get the knowledge I need, I thought may be I’d get a copy of the game development book for Blender via the Blender online shop, it is about three quid more than on Amazon UK. 27 Euros so £21. Packaging and delivery will certainly add more to that.

I didn’t think much about Blender for Dummies beginner book, but then again that is for complete new users who haven’t even saved a file.

It’s super easy in UE4, there’s even a sample project for android/iOS. Well two actually, but one recent.

Blender is a great place to start out. It’s good for learning the ropes and with scripting you can take it as far as you like. Eventually you’d have to move to a different engine if you want to publish for anything other than desktop computers, but almost anything you learn in blender will be transferable skills you can use in other places.

I disagree, the BGE doesn’t even use PBR. And no engines that I know of use python for scripting.