Widebody Nissan Skyline

My supra is almost finished, so I decided to start making another car… This time it’s Nissan Skyline R34 with widebodykit.

C&C is always welcome :slight_smile:


Good start. That’s really impressive the way you cut out those initial curves for this car.

Nice start so far. There’s not to much to crit yet though. Keep it up.

looks very good so far. can i see a wireframe w/out subsurf or edit mode or whatever?

Thanks everyone!

pwnage101: Here’s wireframe for you :slight_smile:


Ohhh, R34 GTR?
Godzilla. What a beast. My fav car.
Nice work.

Floorplay: That’s right :slight_smile:

Here’s a little update


great start…keep on going …by the way why dont you use mirror modifeir it saves lots of time and makes the modelling easier…

GE-FORCE: Thanks! I use mirror, I just applied it for the wireframe -shot :slight_smile:

Allright, one more update before going to sleep :slight_smile:
C&C is always welcome


Okay, you’ve got me curious about your modeling approach. If I was going to try to model a car, I’d probably be making one big block and rough cutting the details in from there. You’re just modeling this thing from front to back and the results look really good.

Where did you learn that modeling technique? It seems to lend itself very well to mechanical objects and I’d like to know how.

cotejrp1: I’m using so called poly-by-poly modeling technique. You just start with a basic 4-sided polygon and then extrude it’s edges to create shapes. That’s the way I do it, quite simple infact. The problem comes when you want to make sharp edges, then I use loop cut (CTRL+R).

Anyway, here’s a little update, made somekind of taillights :slight_smile:


So I decided to make angel eyes -headlights, let me know what you think :slight_smile:


That looks fantastic! Nice work.

what tutorial were you talking about? this looks like a car i would like 2 make. can some1 give me the link to the tut plz?

killking7: Tutorial? I’ve made this car without any tutorials.

Here’s an update anyway:


o my bad i could have swore there was a tutorial. must have been something else. sorry

looks very nice so far!

i have a couple questions:
-how do you do your lighting?

  • how did you make the front grill with the skyline word on it?

pwnage101: I simply have a plane above the car, with emit value of 0.4-0.5.
The word on the grill was just uv-mapped :wink:

I made some vinyls for the side of the car, let me know what you think


Nice progress. You should model the tail lights though.