WideLands (ALL WELCOME!!) OpenProject

Hi, my name is Equal

I would like to finish a giant blend file and share it with everyone
that thinks he needs it. And its a BTW-Work for me, like a hobby.
Whenever there is a little bit time when i dont have anything else to do
i spend it for increasing my abilities with blender and reaching futher in this MAP.

General Inrofmation:
This is a .blend with the main idea to share it to everyone and let everyone help/work on it.
The goal is to archive a giant blend Map with the MiddleAges styles.
Whenever somone thinks that he could help making this world, he simply DL
the latest version and works on itas far as he wants, after finishing his part he uploads
the work and another can continue. Even if more then one wants to work at same time,
there is no problem, since merging is not a issue.

Yes, even in an OpenProject there are rules.

  • It must be Middle Age/Fantasy.
  • Report your work very detailed.
  • Keep the meshes simple but complete.
  • New or modified Objects have to have a correct UV mapping.
  • Textures should be 512x512 in general.
  • Keep the proportions.

#--------#Important NOTE#--------#
When you change or improve a model, then it is your job to check for it completnes
that is including the texturing(UV). Then you put it into the blend(that one that contains al the other stuff) and upload
the whole thing.
All those rules are very logical, this map is going to be very big, so complex meshes are
the death to it. Same goes to Textures.
For the first rule, by Middle Age/Fantasy is not a lazzhor gun or a cyborg-orc mean.
Its that there are dragoncaves and mages stuff is allowed.

To Kick’off i have started that all with a nice simple land with much space for creative minds.
There is a tower-castle in the city and some huts n trees, some mountains to make a border, a clif with stones and some guard stations.(screens avalible).
Here is a link for the Textures and Screens:http://www.file-upload.net/download-1847124/texturen.rar.html
And here is the Blend: http://www.file-upload.net/download-1847178/WideLands.blend.html

Important Note:
This Project is bound to GLSL.


Sounds like an interesting project, I might give it a bash when I get home to a better connection -_-;


  • added a fundament to most city buldings.
  • worked out a smith
  • finished the wooden wall
  • added a Gate
  • created some other objects( ambos, waterbulk,…)
  • cleaned the terrain around the city( those sandTOgrass edges)

Its already nice to walk throu that early stage village.
So Check it out, there is a walk-option build in, when u press P(remember to set the cam with NUM 0 )

greets Equal



Equal Update:

  • added a sleephouse (on screen, behind camera)
  • added a millhouse (with rotating Millwheel)
  • lowerd the uperTowerWoodFence abit
  • created a new fence type
  • improved terrain infront of city

It would be nice if some people would join this project, as it will be hard doing all alone.
But i will keep it updating and improving.

greets Equal



sounds cool, man! could you do your downloads at mediafire? then I can download the WIP. I will be glad to maybe make a building… :slight_smile:


Ofc, i will see, what i can do.

Here is it, have fun
DL (mediafire) : http://www.mediafire.com/?jzwnjimnndz


  • renamed all materials correctly.
  • added a new plant(it looks like dark tentacles near the woodengate)
  • added stones around the water
  • added a street like stone order(optional)

im not sure about the stonestreet thing, mb its just to much polys, i think i will reduce them soon. But i though it would look nice so i placed them for now.
I hope someone will soon help a bit :wink:

greets Equal



thanks alot, man! your project is coming along nicely! give me a building to model, and ill do it.

EDIT - I can also do other things, like a landscape, animated water, basic people, and other things…


There is alot work to do^^.
but if u like so much to make some structs or buldings go ahead.
I was sketching some Board that hang outside of some buldings like
the smith, the bedhouse and weaponsmith. But the main problem is to keep
it a small village builded around that tower, think about it as a little better farm.
The Main Fun will come with the bigger cities. So to keep it “poor-style” is the key.

How about a little more variatons of the plants (the tree is abit to much over the limit, i guess. it can be done with less verts, but no to less), that would be a nice thing.
Or some more different house styles. its up to u.
Or even a little cave a bit away from the place, but ^^ i think the mountains need a bit more work, they where really made very quick.

Supprise my with your ideas.

greets Equal

PS: im currently not at home for this week, and the pcs are very limited here. I have a lot of graphic problems. So pls say, if u download the blend, does everything appear correctly? not like here where the Mill is GREEN!!!
btw i get soon a laptop, so then i will really push the f*ck out this project.

PPS: im really happy somone joined this finaly.

Bump lol. I realy wish more ppl will join your project, its so cool. I had a project like this one time on another forum, There was over 20 person helping me. We were making a city. But it failed… cause I got a job and I didn’t had time anymore :(.

But one day, I’ll dig out that .blend and continue !!! I wish you good luck, those type of project are so fun to work on :D.

You hear that everybody !!! HELP THAT PROJECT !!!

Happy modeling

Sad to hear about such a failur. I em only stoped in this week because i was not at my pc, i move to a bigger city to be able to study there, when all the difficulties are solved i can again join this more active. I wont let this simply die ^^.

about my idea for the Laptop, i discarded that, because its more vaulable to buy 2 graphic cards for 1000 Euro, instead of a laptop for that money, however i will need a weaker one because i study “technical informatic” so i will not get around without.

EDIT: because i was not sure if the given blend file was corectly packed, i packed it now right, there should be no more conflict with it again. DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zzztzznbtim/WideLands.rar

greets Equal

This sounds interesting! How should we upload the file after we have edited it?

personaly i dont care, whatever possibolity to dl is right to me.
but mb its better to use Mediafire because somone may have issues.

I have my pc at place again, so i can work in the next days on another addon.

greets equal


  • reduced the amount of elements in Stones and Kies groups (more preformance)
  • reduced the amount of vertices in the Kies elements ( alot more preformance)
  • made a street and manage to let it look good along with the poor style
  • reworked the second bridge a bit.
  • reworked the area where the water comes from the tower.
  • added some enviroment out side( some stones and plants).
  • added a Tower ( im not happy with the layout, it will be changed).

this is the next update. The reduction is complete and the street is done, for the next step some big enviroments are planed, i think that i will add more roads outside the
village. The tower looks way too “stabil” for this village.(why i did a realy uggly texturing job on it)
Im ofc happy to c people helping me out, even with bumping the thread, thx.

as always waiting for someone that brings a bit variaty.

greets Equal



I haven’t been able to download the blend file either I think the site is blocked. Could anyone attach it to blenderArtists for a bit or is it too big? Is there any gameplay yet? If there isn’t I was thinking someone could rig a simple system for camera movement just to look around the game…


  • created a new tree-model to replace the old one( old has 6 times more vertices) and moved the old to another layer.
  • created a simple wooden box.
  • added some more road
  • replaced the mountains with 2D images of mountains.
  • reworked the tower and added another one on the other side.
  • removed the collision from water, so that u cant walk anymore on it.

This time i uploaded the file with the File-Upload( d0t) net.
it includes:

  • bledn
  • textures

I hope this helps u out.
And yes there is already a possibility to walk around like ingame, the 3rd post says it.
but because of the speed, u may somtimes fall throu the floor when u try to run up a hill.
the main work was to finish that tree and it ended up very nicly.
In the next update i will work on some Kliffs to prevent being able to walk to the 2D mountains.
and some caves and rocks to the area.

greets Equal

DL: http://www.file-upload.net/download-1907755/WideLands.rar.html


looking good, Equal! I will get you something for your city in no time (hopefully :D)


Thanks equal! I was able to download it! Looks really good. How did you get the moving flame? I saw the one texture with all the different flames on it but I didn’t get how you made it move… I think I nice addition would be a ramp inside the large center tower. I’ll work on it but I don’t think I’ll be able to upload the whole file so I might just upload the tower or something. I’ll work on it… Great job!

I started working on a new Tower… I don’t know how you want to use it yet but I figured I could do something. This tower also has ramps so that you can move all the way to the third level which has a little room on it. I don’t understand how you texture so if someone could either do that for me or teach me how it would be appreciated. On the second layer there is a thing so you can look around but unfortuanatly it makes some of the faces invisible and it’s very glitchy. Here are some screenshots and the blend file.


TowerRedo.blend (233 KB)

Hi, JayDez

Im happy u joined and helped with a new model.
Its sad that u cant upload the whole map, because this
will need others to import it for u. But for now the idea is fine and i would do the
import to the main map, but not at this stage.

The thing is that u have to make a veryLowPoly model that is textured already.
To give u some examples, i have attached a jpg, the left is yours that shows that u need
ALOT more vertices then what is needed at minimum(right).
you could use those saved vertices to improve the fence for the upstairs, because they are realy thin, but that isnt as important.

About the texturing, there are some tutorials on the web, just look around and practice.
Unforunatly i cant show u some now. Google a bit around, the Blender mainPage has some i think and the BlenderNoob to Pro pages.

i hope i could help.

greets Equal