Wiiiiiiiiiiiii! (post your photo)

I just got the Nintendo Wii! I can tell the whole story afterwards. But I thought this thread could be dedicated to the Wii fans, so you could post a picture of you playing or beside the Wii (Nintendo, not anything else you might think ;)). You don’t have to, of course. I will, as soon as my brother gets home with the camera :). :stuck_out_tongue: Well these pictures were taken from a digital video camera, from s-video port of my computer.



ok, i go first.
here’s me and my friends last weekend having a match of awesome tennis!



Wow, you’ve shaved and got a tan!
You must’ve ordered it from USA. Nice PIP effect. The consoles are very hard to get, in Finland… Some stores had only a couple of them, way under 10. And is that Antti Tuisku on the left?! WOW.



The Beginning
Ok, I was very lucky to get it, you could say.
I called this local hypermarket on saturday. I asked if I could make a reservation / pre order for wii. I was first forwarded to the electrics department. The person on the other side of the line was thinking a bit and she said “I’m not sure if we should take any reservations, but since you’re only reserving one, I think it’s ok” (or something like that). So she took my name and wrote it up somewhere, probably. I was really happy about getting it reserved.
I supposed I was the only to do so, which proved to be right afterwards.

Ok, days passed, it was thursday, the eve of Wii Launch in europe, and so in Finland, too.
I went to the store afternoon and asked whether I could purchase it (you never know) already.
They said, yeah they have a reservation with my name, but they couldn’t sell it before tomorrow. I said “Ok, so when I come tomorrow morning, it should be here waiting for me?”. They let me understand that that was the case indeed.

Ok, I left the hypermarket and went to a gamestore, which sells games and consoles. I talked with them about the Wii, (btw, they’d only gotten 2 wii’s out of the 80 they had ordered). In the midst of the conversation I mentioned that I had got a reservation of Wii, from the hypermarket. They said that they’d heard that those hypermarkets didn’t take any reservations, to which I answered that “Well, I got one. So, I don’t know.” We also talked about the price.
The Twist
On the way home I thought about calling about the price to the hypermarket, just to be sure, and I did. I got forwarded to the electrics department again. When I told about having my reservation and that I was just asking about the price of Nintendo Wii, he told me that they didn’t take any reservations to Wii because the small shipments they had got (and that is absolutely true, Finland got so few Wii’s that it can be hardly called the gaming console for everyone, untill they get more of them here.).

I said to him that I had gotten a reservation on saturday and I went there today (that was yesterday, 8th of December) as well to ask them about it, and they said it was there. He said they didn’t give any reservations, the word had come from high (probably some manager). The Wii’s would be served in order of arrival = who gets there first, and the person who had given me must’ve not known (not sure if he said that last part, I did hear it later). I said, Allright. So that’s the deal. But you had better inform the staff better in the future so people wouldnt be in the faith of getting something which they won’t get. And that was basically the conversation, and we ended the call.

I went home, and was pretty confused and uncertain of the whole thing. I would have to go queue all night? Darn it! Well, I was thinking about it. Then I thought about calling the place about how they had arranged the queueing and stuff. I called them, and explained my case, the whole reservation thingy and how I had gotten a yes from two persons and a no from one, and who should I believe now? I never really got to the whole queuing part, but as I had told the person in the info (that is where you get when you first call the number) about my case, she said she would call the electrics department and see what is going on and call me back. So I thanked her.
The Relief
A while later she called back and said that I would get a Nintendo Wii. However, she told me not to make noise about it. I thanked her and said I wouldn’t, that I would come get it with few words, and bye.

Ok, so today I went to the supermarket. I was there about 10 minutes before it was opened. The crowd was smaller than I had expected, less than 20 people. There was another entrance, so there was probably some people too. They opened, well actually they activated the revolving doors, and people rushed in and ran to the into the market. I ran with them, however, not with fullspeed, because I trusted I had no need for it, having my reservation. I could’ve most probably run past them if I had wanted to.

I was in the line for about half a minute and heard that there was only 10 or something and saw that some people were left without a Wii. I headed to the info point. There was no staff there on that moment. I headed back to the Wii “stand” and checked that they had plenty of Zelda games. I checked one out and said I’ll check something and went back to the info.
Now there was a person at the info and I stated my business to her. I said that the Wii I had reserved should be here in the info. She checked but it wasn’t there.

She called the electrics department and she told me it would be there. I arrived there and one of the two personel came to me and asked if I was the person (I think he mentioned my name, not sure). Then he said we should wait till a customer would leave, she was talking at the moment with the other person of staff about the Wii, and she was probably told that they did not have any left. So if she had seen me get a Wii, she might’ve not been very happy about it.
The Conclusion
I talked with the person who had come to me about the shortage of Wii’s and all that stuff, and how it wasn’t quite fair that I got the Wii like this. But I also said that if they promise something, it would be nice to keep it, I had been in the faith of getting one the whole week (well, that’s not a really long time, though). He said a promise is a promise. When the customer left the stand, they directed me to a small “room” behind the Wii stand, and gave me the Nintendo Wii.

I asked if I could get a plastic bag for it, but the staff member from the Wii stand said that I could just take it. It didn’t fit my backpack. I couldn’t have put it into my backpack anyway before actually buying it. There was also a female staff member present. Just thought to mention. I thanked and went to the cashier’s stand and paid. Then I went out and ran to to catch the train and got home safely. That was the whole story.

Wii is great.

1600 8169 0221 4955

You know what to do.


Roger! I just have to get it connected, either I buy the adapter or a wlan router.

I could’ve guessed this would come up when the Wii came out.

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve heard stories of flying Wii-motes damaging TV’s and even breaking a window. Just make sure you don’t swing it like heck.

the long hair and fury hooded jacket suits you Basse.

well, I posted this already, but they crack me up every time - here are my celebrity miis

http://www.flickr.com/photos/226485[email protected]/.

ps nice money shot falgor. and are you going to turn this thread into a book/novel? because that’s quite a long story…

ya a long but intresting story.lol!

Wiis Pwn

What? Is that some sort of cheat code?

it’s longitude and latitude for a buried treasure

off-topic: basse, your camera is AWESOME. lol, what kind is it? I thought the picture was just an advert for the wii at first.

not to embarass you, but go with your first instinct… lol

Heh, yeah, and you can do some Sherlock Holmes stuff on that pic too: the pic is hosted on a Finnish site but the players are still using shoes inside the house which is very, very uncommon in Finland. So, it’s a some sort of commercial picture OR basse lives in America as an exchange student and studies photography. :rolleyes:

thanks, just bought the jacket last week from Hennes&Mauritz.


Yeah… more like “no money at all” shot :o. That pretty much drained my bank account.
It’s expensive to play. That bottom shot is kinda one of those “las vegas smile” shots. I’m not rich, though it’s a pretty materialistic photo.

That number is a Wii console number which is like a friend number, so you can probably find your friends online with those numbers.

Gawd darnit, I have to wait until the next batch of Wiis :frowning: I’ve heard rumours that’s Tuesday. I hope I’ll get a Wii by that time. I pre-ordered really late (mid-November)

Well, have fun with your freaking Wiis. :stuck_out_tongue: