Winter Mountain (Landscape shot)

Had a go again in trying to make a cool looking landscape shot and I’m generally happy with the result.

Link to my Artstation:
I don’t have much to show for now but I’ll make sure to upload more in the near future. Cheers guys.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks, appreciate it a lot

This has a nice feel to it.

Have you checked out Gaea? You can export your mountain from Blender into Gaea, apply some erosion, and import it back into Blender. I think it really helps with the look of terrain.

Yeah, gaea is great but y’know I’m broke and can’t really afford the full version. The free one only exports in 1028x1028 which is pretty much only suitable for really far away background terrain.

1K heightmaps are a limitation to be sure, but they can be combined with your original map and additional procedural textures for results which are better than any alone. An example. Think of it as just using the low-res erosion to help form the broad shape, and then refine that by adding details in blender.

oo, that’s actually a really cool idea I’ll check your thread out. Thanks for sharing that stuff, absolute godsend.

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Great job!