[WIP]Bevel after Boolean


(Arseny Melkumyan) #642

Илья, он говорит, что делает похожий инструмент, только его инструмент работает по выбранным эйджам, вкратце. А в дальнейшем он разработает патч, с какими то функциями, которые выложит на github. В общем, тем самым, он может помочь тебе с твоей проблемой или разработкой
Ну ты наверно знаешь, он делает платный аддон, у него есть похожие функции, как у твоего аддона

(Fatesailor) #643

I experimented a little bit with the 0.1.8 version. As it seems it has a better efficiency in producing larger bevelings (and also cross bevelings) but in some cases it produces problems with the normals. It is better as to this issue too, in comparison to 0.1.7, but it still has some problems.

Also, it would be good to have back the ‘slice’ option. It is a very important tool.

(Fatesailor) #644

Ilya can you check the condition below please? I tried it many times and it was all in vain. There is a problem in such cases as it seems:

(DasCoont) #645

Just Stumbled upon this great addon. I agree with Fatesailor, the “slice” option must come back, your amazing bevel addon does not work well with boolean cutters that have a solidify modifier enabled on the cutter. The “Slice” is an easy way to create panels and panel lines on high poly meshes.

Also, which values do I have to tweak and adjust to get flat bevels in the latest version 0.1.8? I can’t find “Push/Pull” settings you mentioned earlier.

***Edit: So I just tried v0.9, and it just works much better for my use case. There are too many “options” available, should try to make it simpler like in v1.8, but v0.9 is better for 4 reasons:

  1. I can set my “cut radius” in v0.9 smaller than the value of 0.01, but I cannot do that in v1.8.

  2. Performance: v0.9 just works quicker when calculating.

  3. This is mostly for cutting hard surface booleans into curved surfaces: I don’t have to tweak a lot of settings in “Patch settings” in v1.8, this is mostly solved for me in v0.9 by letting me adjusting the cut radius to a smaller value than the 0.01 limit in v1.8.

  4. Slice. This is invaluable, bring it back lol.

Thats a wall of text, but I’m really thankful that you shared this, if you setup a gumroad or anything I’d be happy to donate or pay for a finalized version :slight_smile:

(Rodinkov Ilya) #646


I can set my “cut radius” in v0.9 smaller than the value of 0.01, but I cannot do that in v1.8.

It’s easy to fix

Performance: v0.9 just works quicker when calculating.

I just checked, the console says the opposite
v 0.1.8 - 0.5 sec
v 0.0.9 - 1.1 sec

Slice. This is invaluable, bring it back lol.

I have repeatedly written that these are test versions. And that now it does not make sense to spend time adding slice, because the main function does not work well.

Yes, in this case does not work.

Спасибо за перевод. Я примерно так и понял. Но были сомнения.
What I wrote in this post

It also does not always work. There are self-intersections
I think I have not seen in any program yet, so that a similar tool works with an open loop
If you succeed, it will be great. Good luck to you

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Is this related to any of the problem you are having? Match Pipe Width

(Rodinkov Ilya) #648

Not. It will not help.