[WIP]Bevel after Boolean


(skartemka) #806

Watch this. I think if you do your tool how do on this video, you can sale him, for 40 $ https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=128&v=v4PzC7NfNaw

(Rodinkov Ilya) #807

If you mean to make it a modifier, then this is only possible with c / c ++.

(CleverMonKey) #808

Bevel after Bool is already capable of such things and more.

Give it a try, you’ll see how powerfull it is :wink:

(skartemka) #809

I’ll waiting stable version this addon for blender 2.8 :smirk:

(Rodinkov Ilya) #810

When this is fixed, I will start porting

(Fatesailor) #811

Glad to see that this thread is alive again! :grinning:

Bab is a great tool indeed. The kind of modeling such tools offer is the most intuitive one as to the hard surface works. And Bab does such works very well.

Now, as to the real time processes, I do not thing that they are so necessary. The main necessity is enriching it with new features.

And yes, it can go commercial. It deserves to be paid.

(skartemka) #812

Hmm very interesting, in last version blender I don’t have this bug. Maybe they fixed it now! Bevel weight is preserved correct afer boolean. Maybe because he use linux version I don’t now.

(skartemka) #813

" It deserves to be paid." I totally agree with you! !

(Rodinkov Ilya) #814

Yes, in the latest version it worked.
The previous did not work.

(skartemka) #815

Greate, now you can start porting. I wish you good luck whith this!

(noki paike) #816

as soon as everything nodes arrives, they will be interesting moments …

(masterxeon1001) #817

2.8… and premium? Count me in.
I have high hopes for this tool. I hope to see it evolve into something awesome!
Also gotta give it a cool name.

(Veezen) #818

Bevel + Boolean = Bevelean

(Rodinkov Ilya) #819

Fix for latest Blender 2.8:

bab_v_0_2_3_1.py.zip (6.8 KB)

(Fatesailor) #820

Wow! This is great indeed! :grinning:

And… a question I asked before some posts too: the thing in the image below, how did you achieve it? What did you do for having the horizontal and vertical strips intersected in such a clean way (so that someone can make intersected extrusions from them)? Is it possible to do such a thing with the present means of the add-on or is it a feature you are experimenting on?

(masterxeon1001) #821

throwing names out there

  • postbevel
  • hardbevel
  • bevelflow
  • boolflow
  • curvecut
  • hardline
  • geo-bevel

thats all i got this moment.

(uruburei) #822

I have this problem whwn i hit BaB.

(uruburei) #823

The last built works fine. Thank you.

(skartemka) #824

Very grateful sir! I think, I will find good use for him.

(Bracer) #825 and seems to fail for 2.79b stable.