WIP: Blender Party!

Big fan of mario party right here. sooo im makin blender party!

ive done all the programming for the main board, and a couple mini games, now im workin on some suh-weet graphics.

i decided to make the first level a mall (with some silly stores)

some screens:

the main board so far:

poopingdales (tee hee)

a parody on all those expensive designed stores that all look the same and are boring:

anyone see this SNL skit?:

and some mini game previews so far:

hungry hungry hippos anyone?:

everyone loves redlight/greenlight

tell me what you think. PEACE.

Looks like a great start :smiley:

HAHA blender party
i love the idea
gl :smiley:

Question: will the characters be Blender related? if so how?

good start

Cool, that’d be awesome if you could put certain members into the game such as cough facemania cough

On a more serious note, looking great, I like the idea of those silly names for the stores :smiley:
Keep it up!

looks good so far. you should put Blendo in the game!

haha maybe suzanne

Lol, Blender party. Good work so far. Keep it up

Is there any retail space for The Blender Stock Exchange?



i am USING that!

and by the way guys, the name isnt ACTUALLY going to be ‘blender party’. thats just like a codename right now.


here it is!

also, me and my friends always had a dream of opening a noodle eatery called ‘canoodles’, so here it is:

Great work so far!:smiley:
Have you decided on character designs yet btw?

:smiley: That is cool. :smiley:

theyre prooobably just gonne be like…people. based on my friends. one might be my cat though…

Could you name another cat MushroomDude? Based off my other online persona?

HOw can I change my name?

and guys, if you have any ideas for funny stores/good mini games, give me a yell. cause me and none of my friends cant think of many good ones.

Looks like fun! Hope it works out