WIP - Ferrari 641/2

Hi all, after the experience of the Alfa Romeo Giulia modeling, I decided to start another project about a car; it will be again italian, red … and very fast.
As you can see from the title of the thread, I’m talking about a Ferrari 641/2, a 1990 F1 car; for those who doesn’t remember, it was the in-season development of this car https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrari_641

Why did I chose it? because it’s my favorite f1 car ever. That’s all.

This will probably be a long time project because I’ll work on it in my spare time, so… be patient :slight_smile:

To start the project:
some reference images (if anyone of you has for some reason some detail images with good resolution, please contact me!)

and some blueprints

I’ll work in blender 2.80 (stability permitting…:sweat_smile:)
thanks and see you soon!


For the first step I created the carbody; I’ll use again the base mesh technique (from CG Masters course), in this way I shouldn’t have any problems when I’ll start cutting holes in the car body.

The base mesh:

Its topology:

…And some parts of the carbody + the rear diffuser

Carbody done (some small fixes still needed); now I’ve started creating details:

Closeup of the front wing:

Closeup of the rear wing:

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Man you are crazy fast! And it looks amazing too.

ahahah, thanks :smiley:

small corrections on the nose and on the side air exhaust to make them closer to the actual ones:

new details: tires, rims and bolts (front and rear; shaders are temporary):

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new details: brake disk, caliper, brake duct

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new details: front suspension


I couldn’t resist: stickers… ready!

let’s start with interior parts: chassis

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Holy crap! This is awesome! :smiley:

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thanks @peter18 :smiley:

I love seeing the in progress build, a few wireframe renders would be fun to see.

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thanks for appreciating @djwaterman
speaking of the wireframe… it’s already a mess :sweat_smile:

front suspension completed with the hidden components

Great attention to the details. I hope you are able to show the details in some nice shots at the end :slight_smile:

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thanks for appreciating @Linolafett :+1:
I’ll probably need several nice shots for all the details I’m planning… :sweat_smile:

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Rear suspension done, rear car body done (cuts, holes, screws, etc)

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a small update after a busy week: seat, seatbelts, steering wheel.
shaders are still temporary

Another small update: dashboard, pedals, cables