[WIP] - GCut - Creative search for forms and images

Sculpting, Greasepainting, Cutting and more

GCut - Sculpting, GP_Art, Modelling and more

Updates in GCut 8:
  • new interface

  • New tools “GPTube”, “GCurve”

  • New modes “Nard” and “Smooth” for the main instruments “GCut”

  • Fix Errors


GCut is an addition to the Blender Foundation program.
it will facilitate your bold search for form and volume.

This application will reduce the routine operations of the working and creative process.

If you just want to relax and escape from everyday life, a digital sculpture in combination with GCut is also perfect for you.


Install as a standard add-on for the blender:

  1. “User Preferences” -> “Add-ons” -> “Install Add-n from File”

  2. “Save Users Settings”


01 022 dyn bool


Sculpting “Dyntopo”:

Furniture concept"Dyntopo", “GPTube”:





Added new function ‘Move’ to operator ‘FreeHole’

“GeomertyHolle”( Profile from curve + Arrey mode)



More INFO:

Free_Hole:::Arrey_mode::Selected curve (active)Boolean:

You can donate if you like the tools:



“Free holle” - makes a free cut from the object on the line of the pencil (it is very desirable to cut the cutting line with a loop or several strokes)

“GCuter” - a simplified function using the original algorithm, cuts one by one. The bar must extend beyond the body of the object.

“GShaper” - creates a blank in the closed outline (profile) of the pencil line.

“Geometry hole” - as is clear from the name, creates a geometric hole centered on the cursor (triangular, quadrangular and so on). Also, if the second object is a closed profile of the curve, then the hole will be in the shape of this profile.

I do not need to explain anything about Boolean operations.
The “Symmetrize” mode is configurable, i.e. After activation, you can select the axis of symmetry by pressing the F6 key.

“Mirror_GP” - creates a mirror image of the pencil you have drawn, where the center of the composition is the cursor. in the menu on F6, the move function of the mirror is available.


GPTube(fallof, Simplcurve, Poly)

“Dynto” area

“Detail Flood Fill” - optimizes the grid by subdividing and collapsing points on the mesh surface. Depending on the value on the “slider” resol.

“Detalizer” - applies the mode described above, only for modified mesh sites. There is another curious one. Sub-Parameters “Smooth vertex” which in addition softens and smoothes the changed grid. (With the active “Smooth vertex” button its anti-aliasing parameters become available)

“Subdivide Mask” changes the masked area of ​​the grid. Let’s leave the inverted mask area.


Wow, many good ideas. I am using Speedlow, Sculpt Toolkit (Flow Tools) , and now this addon GCut.
There are similarities, but each have also unique features. Getting a little overwelmed now with thousands of features around Blender, but that is a good sign.
Nice development… Thanks!!

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Thank you! very nice!
I wish you wonderful works and inspiration!

will be added soon:
“Geometry_Hole”. Curve profile

remesh & smoothing

Next version GPLiner

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Gout RC7 GPLiner and GPShaper concept

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Fanstastic work. Seems to be another great setup of tools.

I do not see that remesh option… BTW, in the screenshot appears as “remseh”. XD

Gcut 8 coming soon

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Gcut 8 GCurve

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:sparkler: GCut 8 :sparkler:


New Video:


“GeomertyHolle”( Profile from curve + Arrey mode)

coming soon:


Here is the work of addon “GCut”. tab “GCurve” function “GPScerw”, “GPStretch”. cursor position, curve smoothing, change of resolution and direction


Simplifying the curve excluding the selected points.
For lovers on the harder:


concept art synergy “GCut” & “MASC”

Low Poly:

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-Mira Tools: “Draw Extrude”


and more:

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Very soon

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