[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects


(randum) #2041

Thanks. I tried two ways, with boolean and UV connection. It seems working both. UV connection is not similar boolean but may be useful also.


(zeffii) #2042

random… use 2d Curve node :slight_smile: , unfortunately i didn’t add an Object Out socket to it yet.

a few things here… ( the objects In node, doesn’t look like that yet )

  • sverchok can separate sub mesh elements
  • you must reorder the verts in the sub mesh elements to make them sequential (and meaningful as 2d Curve “PolyLine” segments. ) use the SNLite script for that named “Topo sort for profile”

(randum) #2043

Great, it is seen best way to make holes.))


(zeffii) #2044

i’ve added a 2d/3d mode to polyline viewer. See https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/pull/1717 for suggested settings

(zeffii) #2045

I might shuffle the UI around a little (and auto hide items that dont make sense in 2d mode) - but that’s for later.

(randum) #2046

Tried to cut windows in walls.


(zeffii) #2047

not sure what kind of response you are looking for there randum. I don’t think 2d Curve/Polyline works on multiple planes… just XY with Z being UP.

(Benny G) #2048

How can i remove the bad connection from this ? or must i use another setup ,


Curve.blend (598 KB)

(randum) #2049

I showed result just. I do not think also that 2 curve are benefit in my case.

Benny G
Polyline have better result, may be 2 curve have some bugs.


Curve.blend (613 KB)

(zeffii) #2050


Use PolyLine viewer node for that situation. Unfortunately bevel node uses Bmesh for the bevel operation, and that doesn’t automatically sort the output. See: https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/issues/1721

(zeffii) #2051

randum. i don’t know what "2 curve " means, if you are talking about a CurveNode use that word.

(randum) #2052

Sorry, I meant Curve Viewer 2D.

(Benny G) #2053

Thanks Zeffi and Randum for the excellent feedback ,:slight_smile: ( and for the script ) . With the Vector Sort node i get the same result like with the script works fine but at the left bottem i have extra loops , is not a big problem but is there maybe a solution for ?

(zeffii) #2054

I might add an additional topo sort node. now there are more people looking for these solutions. and we have solutions but they aren’t in one place.

see: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/619340/27351989-6f2b430c-55ff-11e7-85a2-c54b2c5b6d0d.png

(Benny G) #2055

Thanks zeffi , i use for the moment the node Vector Sort ( Axis ) works fine for me .:slight_smile:
Works only from top View , so yes i think whe need another Topo Node for this .

(zeffii) #2056

@bennyG - i’d use the ScriptedNode Lite (SNLite) script “bmesh_verts_sort_mode”, if we are talking about a single continuous shape (but with the assumption that it is not looped).

(randum) #2057

I have 3 and more lists of masking with 100 values in each. I want to combine them in one list with 100 minimum values. How can i do it?

I did it with Exec node mod. May be exist more simple way?


(IvanMalek) #2058

trying to install the addon in blender 2.78c, I’m getting this error: import error: no module named ‘sverchok.utils.geom’ when trying to activate it from the addons menu. Any tips on how to get it to work? Thanks in advance

(zeffii) #2059

IvanMalek, maybe restart Blender and try again. If that fails, do a search on your machine for “sverchok”, and remove all folders that start with the word (to remove multiple conflicting folders…). Then reinstall.

Other than that, there is no bug in sverchok that directly causes this (that i’m aware of).

Failing that. show screenshots of the full error message from terminal/cmd prompt - it will tell us a lot more.

(randum) #2060

Is it possible to receive something value from one Node tree sheet to another?
It will be very useful to broke one big tree to little parts. For instance, in first sheet we can create total volume, next in other sheets work with details. It will work more faster because we can turn off processing of node trees which we no need.